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Workplace Safety

Published: Monday, 10 July 2023

When running a business, it is important to keep both your customers and employees safe. Making sure you take the necessary steps to ensure this could be the difference between your business staying open or not. As a business there are multiple steps you can make to ensure workplace safety. In this guide we will look at the steps you can take to ensure that both employees and customers stay safe at your business.

Door entry

An easy method to keep your employees safe and secure is by implementing door controls to your premises. Door entry systems control who is allowed to enter your business, or limits exactly where people are allowed to go. This could be used on scenarios such as stock storerooms, restricted areas or just for access into the building. To learn more about access control, check out our previous article where we discuss the different types of access control and how they can help your business.

Fire and smoke alarms

It is a legal requirement to make sure your buildings are correctly installed with smoke and fire alarms. These alarms are installed to make sure you are able to detect and respond quickly if a fire were to happen. These are great in protecting both employees and customers alike and shouldn’t be something as a business you should cut corners on. To learn more regarding fire safety, check out our article to go into great detail on how to improve fire safety at work.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides video security to your premises and will deter most intruders from trying to enter your premises. Businesses without CCTV are very susceptible from being broken into and making sure you have the correct security measures in place will help mitigate this. Although external cameras will deter most intruders, we strongly advise to install internal video cameras, so your entire premises are fully monitored.


Safety workwear

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) helps keep your workers safe whilst working on-site. While on site, it is important to keep your workers safe from potential threats. Issues can include dust, sound, falling debris, and much more. Having dust masks, ear protection, eye protection, and hard hats are a great start in protecting your workers from any potential threat while on-site. We also recommend wearing hi-vis jackets while working as it will highlight you to people who are driving.


Working on-site may require your employees to work during later hours, so having site lighting is a necessary piece of equipment to not only allow your workers to work longer during wintertime when it gets darker much quicker, but to make sure that your workers are staying safe while on-site.

For office-based usage, lighting is important for a different reason. Having incorrect lighting can cause eyestrain to your employees which long term can have a negative impact on their vision. Having lighting that you can control the dimness of can help mitigate this and relieve stress on your employees eyes.

For warehouse lighting, it is important to have vibrant lighting that clearly highlights the room to ensure your employees can clearly see what they are looking for. Highbay and lowbay lighting offers the best type of lighting for warehouse use.  


Having clear signage at your workplace can give staff the necessary information needed to make sure task are handled correctly and safely. The more notable and well-known type of signage include fire exits and fire instructions. For industrial and engineer use, having clear signage for voltage and pass test labels could potentially be lifesaving and key to keeping your workers safe. We offer a variety of signage suitable for all business use.  

Creating a safe environment for your workers can give them an ease of mind when coming to work.

At YESSS, we stock a variety of products surrounding workplace safety including door entry systems, fire and smoke alarms, CCTV, workwear, lighting, and signage.

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