Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are perfect for those looking to save the hassle of complex installations that come with central heating. With little installation effort, electric heaters offer instant heat and a more economical way of heating your home, with 100% of the electrical energy converted into heat.

From convector heaters and air curtains to electric radiators and industrial heaters, we stock a range of heaters from leading brands, suitable for a variety of spaces including both domestic and commercial use. Shop online with YESSS Electrical below.


What are the benefits of using an electric heater?


Electric heaters are 100% energy efficient. They use all of the electrical energy they are supplied with to convert into direct heat, especially when compared with traditional central heating systems, which are prone to losing heat through pipes and ducts. Their energy efficiency can help save money on your energy bills and reduce energy wastage.


Electric heaters can be moved around the home or workplace, depending on where you need extra heating the most. This flexibility makes them a popular choice during the winter months or during house moves and renovations and allows for heating in rooms that are in use, rather than heating an entire property at once.

Advanced features

Electric heating provides a safer heating process as it does not use combustion and minimises the risk of potentially harmful gases being released, which can sometimes be a concern for gas central heating or oil filled radiators. Electric radiators and heaters also come with advanced safety features such as automatic shut-off for overheat protection.

How can I maximise efficiency with my electric heater?

Regularly adjust the thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature and place in an area free of obstacles to allow the heat to flow freely around the room. Similarly, seal any draughts and check windows and doors are closed to ensure the warm air doesn't escape. It can be useful to consider an electric heater with energy-saving features such as eco-mode or timer options to lower energy usage and keep your energy bills to a minimum.

What is the best type of electric heater for my home?

From portable heaters for any room in the house to the perfect compact panel heater, oil heater, or heated towel rail, the best type of electric heater depends on your space and your unique requirements.

Radiant heat vs convection heat

Convection heating warms the air within the heater, allowing hot air to circulate naturally and gradually heat the room, while radiant heating emits infrared radiation to directly heat objects and surfaces in the room. Some heaters combine both methods for optimal efficiency. It's useful to know whether you'd prefer targeted heat or even distribution across a room to find your perfect heating solutions. For instance, convection heaters such as an oil filled radiator are popular for their long-lasting warmth and ability to retain heat.

Stay warm and shop our range of electric heaters or contact our team if you need a hand finding the right heater for your requirements.