Storage Heaters

YESSS Electrical stock a varied range of modern storage heaters to help you heat your home more efficiently and cut your energy costs.

Storage heaters work by taking advantage of cheap nighttime electricity rates, storing heat in their system for you to use throughout the day. Electric storage heaters are typically best suited to homes that are on Economy 7 or Economy 10-meter tariffs.

Our range of electric storage heaters includes products from the popular heating brand Elnur, with storage heaters available in several sizes to suit the needs of every home.

Take a look at our fantastic range today to find a suitable storage heater for your property.


What is a storage heater?

A storage heater is a type of heating system that stores thermal energy during the night when electricity prices are at their lowest. They then release this heat into your space during the day as you need it.

How do electric storage heaters work?

Electric storage heaters work by storing heat energy during off-peak times, typically at night when electricity is cheaper, and then releasing it throughout the day. This is done through a combination of insulation and bricks or other materials that retain heat well. When the heater is on during the charging period, it heats up these bricks to a high temperature, then uses the stored heat to warm the room when needed. You can adjust the level of charge input and heat output to find the perfect temperature for your space.

What size storage heater do I need?

When choosing a suitable electric storage heater for your property, you’ll need to consider the wattage and physical size of the storage heater needed to adequately heat your space.

To determine the wattage required, you should consider the size of the room and the quality of its insulation. A rule of thumb of 12 watts per square foot is usually suggested. It is also typically recommended that you choose a storage heater or a combination of storage heater systems which add up to the total wattage required for the room. For instance, a room that requires 5kw wattage could get a combination of a 1.7kw storage heater and a 3.4kw system.

In terms of the physical size of the storage heaters needed for your property, you’ll need to ensure that you measure your room’s length, width and height to make sure that you know how much space is available for your storage heaters to be fitted.

What is the difference between storage heaters and electric radiators?

Electric radiators use convection to produce heat, similar to central heating radiators. As the liquid inside them heats up in the electric radiator, warmth is emitted. However, storage heaters are designed to store thermal energy. By heating ceramic bricks during the night, they release heat throughout the day.

How efficient are storage heaters?

The efficiency of storage heaters can vary depending on several factors, including the size and type of heater, the level of insulation in your home, and the way you use them. However, generally speaking, storage heaters are considered to be more efficient than other types of electric heaters which can help reduce your energy bills.

Some models also include controls or sensors that allow users to adjust the temperature, timing and other settings to maximise energy efficiency and comfort. Overall, electric storage heaters can be a great option for those looking to save on energy costs while still enjoying comfortable heating during the colder months.

Newer modern electric storage heaters come with more insulation, resulting in more efficient storage heaters compared to standard storage heaters