Industrial Heaters

Heating a large industrial space can be complex and costly. An industrial heater is the perfect solution, providing a cost-effective and safe way to heat warehouses, factories, and storage facilities. Whether you’re looking for supplementary heating or a primary heating source, industrial heaters provide effective and instant heat.

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What are the benefits of using industrial heaters?

Energy efficient

Heaters such as industrial electric space heaters, electric fan heaters, gas heaters and infrared space heaters provide rapid, high heat outputs. They can reach precise temperatures which helps to minimise energy consumption which can result in significant cost savings over time.


Industrial heaters are also safe for a variety of environments as no naked flames or potentially harmful emissions are produced when heating. They are also designed with convenient safety features such as overheating protection and temperature sensors.

Ease of use

Many industrial heaters are portable or allow for easy installation. They typically require little maintenance and are both easy and quick to use.

What are the most common uses for industrial heaters?

Industrial heaters are ideal for warm air heating in large spaces and working environments. They provide comfort and warmth to workers in warehouses and factories and can enhance productivity in colder months. They can also help to protect equipment, pipes and tanks from low temperatures and freezing during cold weather.

What is the difference between an electric heater and an infrared heater?

An infrared heater provides heat by radiant heat transfer, directly heating objects and individuals in its proximity. This method provides instant warmth and is suitable for spot heating or targeted heating of specific areas. An electric heater warms the air gradually by circulating warm air in a room and is useful for heating large areas.

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