Cabinet Lighting & Under Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lights are a discreet lighting solution used for dark, enclosed spaces. They can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The cabinet lights in our increasingly popular range are relatively small and easy to install. They’re a great solution for providing extra illumination in cabinet and cupboard spaces and other hard-to-see areas.

From downlights to LED link lights and wedge lights, YESSS Electrical stock cabinet and under cabinet lighting options that are sure to be suitable for your project.

Our cabinet lights are available in a range of lengths, with battery-powered and plug-in options. The range includes both LED and fluorescent choices to suit your requirements.

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Cabinet lighting is an often overlooked yet essential component of any well-designed home. Not only does it add a touch of elegance to your space, it also improves functionality and enhances your overall living experience.


What is cabinet lighting?

Cabinet lighting is a type of accent lighting used to illuminate the interior or exterior of cabinets in kitchens, offices, or other spaces. It enhances the aesthetics of your space, improves functionality by providing better visibility, and can even increase safety by reducing shadows and dark areas.

What are the benefits of cabinet lighting?

Cabinet lighting solutions create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your space, making it feel more cosy and comfortable. It also adds depth and dimension to your room, highlighting architectural features and drawing attention to decorative elements.

Well-lit cabinets and countertops minimise the risk of accidents, such as slips, trips and falls. It can also serve as task lighting, providing additional illumination for activities like food preparation or reading.

What are the different types of cabinet lighting?

There are three main types of cabinet lighting: under-cabinet lights, in-cabinet lighting, and above-cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting brightens countertops and workspaces, in-cupboard lighting illuminates the contents of the cabinet, and above-cabinet lighting provides ambient lighting and decorative effects.

How do I choose the best lighting option for my cabinets?

Consider the purpose of your cabinet lighting, the size and layout of your space, and your personal preferences. LED under-cabinet lighting is recommended for task lighting in kitchens, while in-cabinet lighting is perfect for showcasing collectibles or glassware. Above-cabinet lighting works well for creating a warm ambience in any room.

Colour temperature is also important to the ambience of the room, with LED bulbs available that produce shades from warm white to cool white and natural white.

What is the installation process for cabinet lighting?

The installation process varies depending on the type of lighting you choose. Under-cabinet lighting can be installed using adhesive strips or screws, while in-cabinet and above-cabinet lighting may require drilling holes and running wires.

Do I need any additional equipment for my cabinet and cupboard lights?

Some cabinet lighting systems may require additional equipment such as transformers, LED fittings, dimmer switches, or motion sensors.

How do I maintain cabinet lighting?

Regularly dust and clean the fixtures to ensure optimal performance. Replace light bulbs as needed, following the manufacturer's recommendations for bulb type and wattage. For LED lights, check the product's lifespan and replace the entire fixture when it reaches its end.

Are cabinet lights energy-efficient?

LED cabinet lights are the most energy-efficient option, consuming less power than halogen or fluorescent lights while providing similar brightness levels. Additionally, using dimmer switches or motion sensors can help reduce energy consumption by adjusting the light output according to your needs. Since cabinet lights are typically smaller and use less power than regular room lighting, they can help reduce your energy consumption and save on electricity bills. Plus, many cabinet lighting options use LED strip technology, which lasts longer and consumes less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Where can I use cabinet lighting?

Cabinet light solutions can be used in various spaces, including offices, living rooms, and display cases. They are typically surface-mounted for easy installation in small or narrow areas.

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen cabinet lights will brighten cooking surfaces to cook with ease while preparing food. LED strips can also be installed under counters for enhanced visibility, cosy evening lighting while lighting inside kitchen cabinets or cupboards is a useful way to find kitchen essentials while giving your kitchen a modern and luxurious feel.

Display lighting

Cabinet lighting and light strips are ideal for display cabinets at home or in museums and art galleries to emphasise the showcased items without causing damage.

Wine cabinets

Strip lights and under-cabinet lighting provide soft and subtle illumination to showcase wine bottles while maintaining optimal wine storage conditions.

What colour temperature is best for cabinet lights?

It is important to consider the colour temperatures available in our range of cabinet and under-cabinet lighting. For example, warm white lighting casts a soft, yellow light while cool white is a bright, blue-toned light.

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