LED Link Lights

LED link lights are modular lighting fixtures that can be interconnected, allowing for seamless and continuous lighting across various spaces. They are often used for under-cabinet lighting, display lighting, or cove lighting and offer a discrete lighting solution for small spaces.

At YESSS Electrical, we supply a fantastic range of LED link lights so you can find the right kind of reliable link lighting for your space.

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9 Watt 538mm Linkable CCT

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13 Watt 838mm Linkable CCT

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4 Watt 277mm Linkable CCT

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18 Watt 1138mm Linkable CCT

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How do LED link lights work?

LED link lights typically come in modular units that can be connected end-to-end to form a continuous light strip. They are designed to provide even illumination and can be linked together to cover larger areas. LED linkable lights can be discreetly positioned to provide focused illumination for kitchen task lighting, display cases or shelves.

What are the benefits of using LED link lights?

Long lifespan

LED lights offer 50,000 hours of bright and consistent light, requiring little maintenance and fewer repairs. They are more resistant to shocks and vibrations, making them a durable and reliable lighting option for high-traffic areas.

CCT (colour changing technology)

LED strip lights in our range are available with CCT for light and customisable colour options. Choose from a variety of colours to suit your ambience, provide a sensory experience or just add some fun to your cabinet lights. From natural white, cool white or warm white to vibrant blue or calming green, colour changing LED lights are a great way to personalise your light colour.

Energy efficiency

LED technology is highly energy-efficient, with little power consumption and lower heat output compared to traditional bulbs. LED strip lights are also better for the environment and can lower your energy bills in the long-term.

Flexible installation

Link lights can be directly interconnected together for a seamless line of light without visible gaps or dark spots. The link lead allows for flexibility around corners so you can install your display or cabinet light wherever you like.

Are LED link lights dimmable?

Many LED link lights are compatible with dimmer switches, allowing you to adjust the brightness based on your preferences and lighting needs.

How do you install LED link lights?

LED link lights are often designed for easy installation, with options for surface mounting, recessed mounting, or other installation methods. They can typically be connected using plug-and-play connectors or direct wiring.

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