Smart Thermostats

A room thermostat, also known as a central heating thermostat, is used to efficiently control the temperature of your home. Room thermostats monitor the air temperature in a room and communicate with your central heating system to adjust it accordingly.

A smart thermostat can help to reduce energy bills as your heating will only be turned on when the room is below the desired temperature and is turned off once this temperature is reached. Some room thermostats can even be voice controlled, including the Google Nest Learning thermostat.

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How does a room thermostat work?

A room thermostat monitors the air temperature in a room and connects with the boiler to turn the heating off and on when required. If the air is below the desired temperature, the thermostat will signal the boiler to turn the heating on and once the air is at the correct temperature it will turn the heating off.

Where should a room thermostat be located?

A room thermostat should be located on an interior wall in a room that you use frequently e.g. the living room/lounge. The room thermostat should be placed where it is unobstructed and easy to access.