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Industrial Lighting

Published: Monday, 10 July 2023

Industrial & Commercial Lighting is needed to make sure your employees are safe in an industry setting. Whether it is standard or emergency lighting, whatever the setting, you need fittings that are suitable for the task. In this guide we will look at the types of industrial lighting you may need depending on your industry.

Hazardous Lighting

Hazardous area lighting is extremely important for spaces that pose a threat to employees. Having the correct lighting in these areas could avoid a potential life threating injury to your employees. Hazardous area lighting can be placed in 3 types of categories, zone 1, zone 2, and zone 3 lighting.

Zone 1

The first of the categories is zone 1 lighting. Zone 1 areas are identified as locations which feature an explosive gas atmosphere on a regular basis. Having the correct type of lighting is essential in order to reduce risks and ensure the safety for employees and customers. Class 1 zone lighting is suitable for places such a, but not limited to: petrol stations, paint shops, chemical plants, and alcohol production facilities. We have a variety of brands that offer zone 1 lighting. You can browse the range here.  

Zone 2 

The second category is Zone 2 lighting. Zone 2 spaces are defined as hazardous areas in which an explosive atmosphere is not likely; however, if an explosion was to occur, it would only persist for a short period of time. Zone 2 lighting is suitable for workplaces such as, but not limited to: sweet factories, coal mines, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. We offer a variety of brands that offer zone 2 lighting, to browse the range you can find them here

Zone 3 

The final category is zone 3 lighting. Zone 3 lighting is used when ignitable fibres are present that could cause ignition if there are high enough levels. A key example of this is where leather goods are made. The LEDs that are in all hazardous lighting is not only great for mitigating the risk of fire in these hazardous locations, they also will greatly reduce your energy consumption, helping you save money.

Emergency Lighting

Found primarily in commercial buildings or buildings with high occupancy. Emergency lighting systems make sure that walkways remain well-lit to enable easy evacuation, illuminating and guiding occupants to the nearest exit. The range of emergency lighting we offer are suitable for your commercial building and will keep your workplace effectively illuminated in the case of an emergency.  We stock a variety of emergency lighting suitable for your needs. You can find them here

Site Lighting

Perfect for when you’re working away from your office space, site lighting provides much needed light for your employees, so they can complete their job effectively, and safely. Site lighting will usually be used for building sites, maintenance task or decorating projects. These are great for clearly highlighting areas at your site to avoid injuries for your workers, or, during times of year when it gets darker much quicker. 

Industrial and commercial lighting is a great way to keep your workers safe. However, it is important you have the correct equipment for the job as the wrong type of lighting could be potentially dangerous to your workers.

At YESSS Electrical we stock a variety of brands for our emergency lighting product ranges. These include site lighting, zone 1, zone 2, hazardous lighting, and emergency lighting

For more advice on emergency lighting, please contact your local branch.

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