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Earthsure Cable

Published: Thursday, 11 April 2024

Cable companies are always looking for new ways to make the lives of electricians easier. Doncaster Cables' new Earthsure® is specifically designed to do just that! 

In this article, we will look at what Earthsure® does and why it is a must-buy for electricians.


What is Earthsure®?

Earthsure® has a pre-identified G/Y circuit protective conductor (no more sleeving!) which saves the user time while on the job. Third-party accreditation for cables is crucial to installation that would traditionally use 6242Y twin and earth cable, which is why Earthsure® is BASEC-approved.



With a significant amount of research and development, with the creation of their EarthTek® compounds. Earthsure® can be installed with standard cable clips, and it still meets the same mechanical and electrical requirements as BS6004 (the equivalent 6232Y cable standard). The Earthsure® cable has been designed to be used in light industrial and domestic settings and is intended for fixed installation in dry or damp premises.


Why switch to Earthsure®?

Earthsure® is suitable for use in the same installation methods as 6242Y twin and earth, which include conduit, cable trunking, cable ducting, cable tray, clipped direct, embedded, or in free air. Earthsure® is not intended to be laid underground. This makes for an ideal new alternative to twin and earth cables, allowing for easier installation and quicker results.

You can view the range by clicking here.

Doncaster Cables has been offering high-quality wiring since 1984 and has been at the forefront of product development throughout. Their Earthsure® cable aims to make their customers and lives easier when it comes to installation within their homes.

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