Lockout Tagouts

Whether you’re a locksmith or someone who just needs that extra reassurance when it comes to being able to get into and unlock their car, lockout kits are perfect. A lockout tagout is an auto-opening kit that helps motorists unlock their cars when they've lost their keys.

In emergencies, lockout tagout kits are a useful way to provide roadside assistance in situations in which help is delayed or a locksmith is unavailable.

Which loto kit will you choose? Contractor Pro Lockout Kit, Lockout Station Filled Board, MCB Lockout Toggle, Safety Lockout Padlocks, Circuit Breaker Lockout, Lockout Hasp - 38mm.

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Contractor Lockout Kit

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Contractor Pro Lockout Kit

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Domestic Lockout Kit

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Aluminium MCB Lockout Toggle

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Tagging System Safety Kit

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Pin & sleeve plug lockout

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