Security Lighting

Everyone should feel secure in their own home. That’s why YESSS Electrical supply a range of security lighting, including floodlights and PIRs.

Illuminate your entire space with our security lights. Offering greater visibility, our outdoor security lights provide strong effective lighting to deter intruders and allow you to move around more safely in the dark.

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Suitable for both domestic and commercial buildings, security lights are essential for the safety of your property. Outdoor security lights provide an impressive quality of light, perfect for highlighting architectural elements or deterring thieves.


What is PIR?

PIR stands for Passive Infra-Red and detects movement from humans. It works by sensing infrared heat emitted by humans or animals. An output signal is generated as a response, which then generates an output signal such as lighting or a security alarm.

What is the difference between motion sensors and photocells?

Our range of security lights include motion sensors and photocells. The key difference between the two is that motion sensors work by detecting movement, while photocells detect changes in light levels.

What are the benefits of using security lighting?

Security lighting is an affordable way to create a safer environment for households and commercial premises alike.

Reduces the risk of theft or vandalism

Security lights light up the exterior of a building and play a vital role in reducing the risk of your premises being targeted by thieves or vandals. Criminals are less likely to target a well-lit space as it increases the chances of them being seen and caught in-person or via CCTV footage. A security light also creates the illusion of an occupied property, even if it's not, which further helps to deter unauthorised people on a property.

Reduces the risk of trips or falls

The added bonus of security lighting is that it lights up pathways, entrances and exits, making it easier for people to navigate their way around a building. Poorly lit driveways and car parks can increase the risk of trips or falls while lighting will help to create a safe and welcoming space.

What are some tips for using security lights effectively?

• Security lights are most effective when placed in key areas such as entrances, exits and blind spots.
• Make the most of timers and motion sensors to provide consistent light throughout dark areas, turning on at dusk and off at dawn.
• A combination of floodlights, bulkheads, PIR floodlights and photocells work to create a comprehensive and security system, particularly for larger premises.
• Be mindful of the brightness and direction of glare and ensure it's not directed into a neighbouring property.

How can I save energy with security lights?

We stock a fantastic range of LED security lights, which are highly energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting systems. They create a bright, long-lasting light with little energy output which is great for energy efficiency and helps to minimise energy bills too.

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