LED Panels

LED panel lights are not only an attractive lighting option, but they’re energy efficient too, especially when compared to conventional alternatives. They’re an ideal option for large open-plan spaces such as offices, shops, schools, and universities.

LED light panels allow for a longer lifespan and they’re much more environmentally friendly than the traditional bulb, without the danger of overheating.

Contemporary in appearance but incredibly practical, this modern lighting solution provides the perfect amount of light, even in large areas.

Our stock of LED panels also includes a range of accessories to make installation both simple and easy.

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What are LED panels used for?

LED panels are used to cast light and create ambience in a variety of different spaces including retail, hotels, offices, universities, and attractions. They are ideal for installing on ceilings or walls to create a modern but discrete lighting solution.

What are the advantages of LED lighting?

LED lighting has an incredibly long lifespan compared to traditional lighting solutions. Although the initial up-front cost is typically higher, there are plenty of long-term cost savings to be made thanks to their energy-saving properties.

• Long-lasting
LED lights can provide bright and even illumination for up to 50,000 hours of continuous use. They require minimal maintenance, and their long lifespan reduces the need for regular replacement of bulbs. LED panel lights create a stylish space while providing long-lasting light.

• Reduced energy consumption
Many commercial and industrial businesses invest in LED panels as stylish and reliable replacement for fluorescent tubes. Upgrading existing lighting to energy-efficient LEDs provides long-term cost savings due to their reduced energy consumption compared to traditional lighting. With LEDs, you can save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

• Versatile
LED panel lights offer plenty of options for installation and can be mounted directly to the wall or installed from a suspended ceiling and more. Modern LEDs lights are also compatible with a range of control options that allow for useful features such as dimming, timers or lighting colour temperatures such as cool white for high visibility or warm white for relaxation spaces.

How do I control an LED panel?

LED panel light control can vary, depending on specific model. Certain panel lights come with a remote control feature or physical switches to adjust a range of settings wirelessly. Take a look at our LED control gear to find everything you need to customise your LED lighting.

Do LED panels require maintenance?

LED panels require little maintenance but regular cleaning with a soft dry cloth and visual inspection for any damage or loose wiring can be useful in the prevention of bigger faults occurring in the long term. Although LED lights emit less heat than standard lighting, always ensure that the LED and its fitting is well ventilated to minimise the risk of faults.

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