LED Sky Panels

Sky panels are designed to mimic natural light and feature a variety of scenes including sunny skies, clouds, trees and galaxies. They use LED technology to emit a bright but soft, glare-free illumination that makes a creative addition to ceilings in schools, offices, dentist, hospital or reception area.

We supply Luxna Sky LED panels for superior quality and a calming atmosphere for any interior space.

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What are the benefits of sky panels?

Sky panels have been linked to benefits such as improved mental health and stress reduction in environments such as dentists and hospitals. They can also improve productivity in office spaces and contribute to fostering a welcoming and more natural indoor environment for visitors, colleagues and workers. Sky panels are also an increasingly popular choice in bedrooms, home offices and living spaces.

Are sky panels energy efficient?

LED sky ceiling panels consume significantly less energy than traditional bulbs which means you can leave them on for long periods of time, leading to long-term cost savings. As each LED panel uses less power to provide a bright and even light, they consume less energy which is also much better for the environment. Our LED panels are available with a non-dimmable, flicker-free remote driver for consistent and reliable lighting.

Can sky panels be personalised?

If you have your own bespoke design in mind, take a look at our incredible examples of Visualite LED panels, which come with a wide range of framing options including standard matte black, white and bronze finishes, as well as other bespoke materials to match the aesthetics and style of your space.

How are sky panels installed?

Sky panels can be installed in various ways, including recessed into a suspended ceiling or surface-mounted. Proper installation ensures optimal light diffusion and seamless integration into the existing structure of the room.

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