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Discover our range of EV charging accessories available for your home or workplace charge point.

From EV testing equipment to EV locks, you'll find great value charging accessories from leading brands for reliable and durable installation and maintenance solutions.

We also stock a range of EV distribution boards, load management devices and mounting options such as pedestals and bases. You're sure to find just what you need to charge your electric car!

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What accessories can I get for my EV charger?

At YESSS Electrical, you can get a variety of accessories for your EV charger. For example, we supply EV cable holders, EV charging equipment, EV charging signs and a range of pedestals and mounting facilities for your EV charger.

What are some of the essential EV charging accessories?

EV installation essentials include accessories such as an EV backplate which provides a secure and stable base for charging. It often includes the necessary electrical connections and conduits to facilitate installation and allows you to extend your charging infrastructure in the future.

An EV distribution board is required for effective connection to the electrical grid, while our fantastic range of EV mounting options provide a variety of ways to secure your charging point.

Are there any additional features or functions EV charging accessories can provide?

Boost performance

We supply EV load management devices that automatically adjust the power to suit your needs and provide you with the best possible charging experience.

Stay organised

Our EV cable fixing packs are perfect for securing electric vehicle charging cables between 10mm-21mm.

Stay secure

Keep your charging station safe from interference and unwanted use with our range of EV charging cable locks.

Will I be able to use my EV charging accessories when it's raining?

EV chargers and their accessories are designed to be weatherproof, so you're able to charge safely in most conditions. Look for a high IP rating and ensure safe installation of EV cables for peace of mind.

How can I take care of my EV charging cable?

To keep your EV charging cable organised and in good shape, we recommend investing in an EV cable holder. This device will help you take care of your EV charging cable by ensuring that it is stored properly and out of the way, thus helping to reduce the likelihood of damage.

How can I prevent other vehicles from parking in EV charging points?

The best way to prevent petrol and diesel cars from parking in EV charging points is to get an EV charging sign, to give the spot better visibility. This measure will inform drivers that the parking spot is exclusively reserved for electric vehicles.

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