Pop Up Sockets

Our fantastic range of pop up sockets includes leading brands like Knightsbridge and Philex for reliable and long-lasting use. Our pop up sockets are available with a range of convenient features, such as smart USB ports and wireless charging pads and come in a variety of colours and styles to blend seamlessly into your space.

Stylish and practical, pop up sockets are a great way to provide power and connectivity in places where traditional plug sockets may not be suitable. They are commonly integrated into kitchen worktops, office desks and conference rooms and can be easily hidden away when not in use.

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13A 3 Gang IP54 Pop Up Socket

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4 Ways Pop-up Switched Socket

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What is a pop up socket?

A pop up socket is a type of electrical outlet that can be installed into a countertop or work surface for easy access to power while maintaining a clean and clutter-free appearance when not in use.

They can often connect multiple power outlets at once, or include additional features such as USB ports for charging devices and will remain concealed within the counter surface once installed.

What are the benefits of using a pop up socket?

Easy access to power outlets
A pop up socket allows you to plug in your electronic devices without the need for extension cords or reaching behind furniture.

Save space
Pop up sockets are ideal for areas with limited space, such as kitchens or office desks, where installing plug sockets isn't always viable. They can be hidden and sit flush with the countertop when not in use, allowing you to keep your surfaces tidy.

Sleek design
Pop up sockets blend into your countertop or desk which complements a minimal and modern feel and take up little space when in use.

How do I use a pop up socket?

Pop up sockets are activated by a gentle push or twist, causing it to pop up from where it is hidden. A gentle press or push will retract it back into the surface leaving a seamless and unobstructed appearance.