Halogen Lamps

Looking for halogen lamps in the UK? Here at YESSS Electrical we stock a wide range of halogen bulbs, including halogen spotlight bulbs, halogen candle bulbs and halogen capsule bulbs. Our extensive range includes both low voltage and energy saving halogen bulbs.

So, how do halogen bulbs work? Halogen bulbs use a filament enclosed in halogen gas to produce light, providing a warm or bright light that can illuminate any room. Halogen lamps are extremely useful when it comes to detail, making them perfect for places such as art galleries. 

While halogen bulbs are often seen as one of the least energy-efficient bulbs on the market, they still use less energy than a traditional bulb. Halogen light bulbs are not only less costly than LED alternatives, but they are often preferred for more decorative light fixtures. Halogen bulbs come in a range of shapes, including candle, capsule, spotlight, golf ball, dichroic and linear, all of which we stock here at YESSS Electrical.

We offer only the best brands of halogen bulbs to our customers, such as GE and Crompton. 

If you’re struggling to find the halogen lamp you need, or you would like further advice, please contact our experienced and friendly sales team.