Electric Fans

Here at YESSS Electrical, you can find a diverse selection of fans and cooling products to keep your rooms cool and comfortable all year round, but especially during the summer months. A hot and stuffy house is the last thing anyone needs, so why not purchase one of our desk fans, floor fans, or air cooler products? We stock a range of options, so whether you’re looking for a fan for a warehouse or a home office, rest assured that we can meet your needs.

We supply cooling fans from esteemed brands such as Osily and Mylek, and we have an extensive collection available. Many of the products come with a range of handy features, including remote control, adjustable speed settings, and timer options for convenient and effective cooling.

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Stay cool with our electric fans

When it comes to staying cool, our range of electric fans has got you covered. Our air coolers offer refreshing relief from stuffy rooms, while our desk fans provide a cool breeze for focused work sessions. Our floor fans are perfect for larger spaces and can easily be moved around for optimal air circulation. And for those in need of a more permanent solution, our wall fans offer an efficient and space-saving cooling option. No matter your cooling needs, we have an electric fan that will keep you comfortable all summer long.


How much electricity does a fan use?

It is estimated that a 110w floor fan uses 2p of energy per hour. This works out to 40p per day if it is in operation for 20 hours. This will add £12 to your bill on average per month.

How do you make a fan cooler?

Here are a few tips to make your fan blow cold air:
• Place ice in a bowl in front of the fan.

• Use a humidifier along with the fan.

• Place the fan on the floor or get a floor fan.

• Ensure that your fans are cleaned properly.

How do electric fans work?

The blades of an electric fan rotate rapidly around an axis, pulling in air from behind them and pushing it outwards. This air movement creates a cooling effect, drawing away heat from the environment and allowing people to feel cooler. The speed of the blades and the angle at which they are positioned determine the amount of airflow produced, which is typically controlled by settings on the fan itself. Although they are relatively simple devices, electric fans play an important role in keeping us comfortable during hot weather conditions.

What is the difference between an air cooler and an electric fan?

A fan simply circulates the air, creating a breeze that can feel refreshing on a hot day. However, an air cooler uses water to cool the air before circulating it, providing a more consistent and substantial cooling effect. An electric fan offers a quick and simple cooling solution, while an air cooler will lower the temperature of the entire room.