Floor Fans

Floor fans are used for cooling and air circulation in the warmer months. At YESSS Electrical, we stock a wide range of floor fans to help keep your space cool and comfortable. Whether you’re in search of a pedestal fan or tower fan, you’re sure to find a suitable product from our range.

We supply high-quality fans from leading brands such as Mylek and Osily Cooling, so rest assured that you’ll get value for your money when you purchase any of our floor fans.

Take a look at our floor fans, stand up fans/pedestal fans and tower fans today and get free delivery on all orders over £50 (excluding VAT).

Discover our range of floor fans

We provide a fantastic range of floor fans, perfect for either domestic or commercial use. Choose from striking and minimalist tower fans to modern, height-adjustable pedestal fans with a variety of useful features such as remote controls, timers, speed settings and digital displays.

Our fans don't just keep you cool and comfortable. They're both stylish and effective and available in a variety of styles and finishes including white, chrome and black.


How does a floor fan work?

A floor provide effective cooling by moving air round the room. The motor rotates the blades which circulate air throughout the entire room and helps offices and homes to keep cool, especially when the cool air flows over skin.

How do I choose the right floor fan for my needs?

There are many different types of floor fan to choose from. Here are some useful factors to consider when choosing your fan:


Many floor fans are stationary and direct air in one direction, while oscillating floor fans rotate to spread air throughout the room. Many are adjustable to direct the floor of air where you need it most. Floor fans are available with a range of useful features such as remote control, three speed settings and timers.

Room size

Large areas may require a fan with a larger blade diameter and higher power output to effectively circulate air. Look for fans with multiple speed settings to adjust airflow according to your preference.


Floor fans come in a variety of colours and styles to suit your space. From modern and elegant back to stylish white, floor fans are designed to blend seamlessly into your decor for convenient cooling at work or home.

Are floor fans energy efficient?

Energy-efficient floor fans have a lower environmental impact compared to air conditioning systems, as they consume less electricity. Their energy consumption depends on different factors including fan type, size, and speed settings. We recommend using natural ventilation during cooler times of the day alongside your fan to help reduce energy consumption.

How much energy does a floor fan use?

In order to find out how much energy a floor fan uses, you’ll need to look at the number of watts it requires to work. To find out how much a floor fan will cost to run, multiply your energy tariff’s unit rate by the kW output of your fan.

Is a tower fan better than a floor fan?

Whether a tower fan or floor fan is better for your space will depend on your needs. Tower fans are highly aesthetically pleasing and they come with a range of innovative features such as timers and remote control. However, floor fans enable excellent airflow and help to send cool floor-level air around the room.

What is the difference between a tower fan and a pedestal fan?

A pedestal fan is popular option for those looking for a portable fan with powerful air cooling and excellent rotational power. A tower fan is typically a more high-tech option, offering a more aesthetically pleasing design with features such as air purification and ionisation with some brands and models.

Will a floor fan cool a room?

Yes, cooling fans provide effective relief from stuffy rooms on days when temperatures are high. Fans don't lower the temperature in the room but can make it feel cooler by providing a refreshing breeze that evaporates sweat from the skin, helping to lower the body temperature and circulate cool air.

How do I look after my floor fan?

Regular inspection for loose wiring connections or wear and tear will help to identify any issues before they cause risk of injury or fault. Fans are likely to collect dust when used regularly. Wipe your fan regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust or debris that has collected over time to keep the fan running smoothly. Store the fan properly, away from any moisture.

Always follow the safety guidelines from the manufacturer to stay safe and get the most out of your fan.


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