Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is most commonly found in commercial or high-occupancy buildings.

Emergency light systems make sure that walkways remain well-lit to enable easy evacuation, illuminating and guiding occupants to the nearest exit.
YESSS Electrical supplies a range of emergency lights to help ensure that your home or commercial building is effectively illuminated in the event of an emergency.

We stock reliable emergency lighting products from brands such as Luxna and ML Accessories, offering a variety of emergency LED lighting and emergency exit boxes, drop lights, downlights and bulkheads.

FAQs for emergency lighting products

What are emergency lighting products and why are they important?

Emergency lighting products are designed to provide emergency light when normal lighting fails in the event of a mains power failure, power cut or other emergencies, ensuring the safety of occupants in a building or workplace.
They play a crucial role in guiding people to exits, highlighting escape routes and minimising panic during emergency situations.

How do emergency lighting products differ from one another?

Each product serves a specific purpose:

Emergency bulkheads:

Wall or ceiling-mounted lights that provide general illumination during emergencies and in fire safety situations.

Emergency downlights: Recessed lights that illuminate escape routes and critical areas of your premises in case of a power outage.
Emergency droplights: Suspended lights that offer temporary lighting during maintenance or emergency situations.
Emergency exit boxes: Illuminated boxes that highlight emergency exit doors.
Emergency exit sign: Signs with built-in lighting that indicate escape routes and exit points.
Emergency twinspots: Adjustable dual-head lights that provide high-intensity illumination during emergencies.
Emergency lighting accessories: Additional components such as batteries, test switches, and mounting kits.

Are there any safety standards I should be aware of when purchasing emergency lighting products?

Yes, emergency lighting products must be fitted, tested and operated in accordance with local regulations and safety standards, such as BS 5266-1 in the UK.
These standards outline the minimum requirements for emergency lighting systems, including installation, maintenance and testing procedures.
Always check your local regulations before purchasing and installing emergency lighting products.

How long do emergency lighting products last during a power outage?

Emergency lighting products are typically designed to provide illumination for a minimum of 90 minutes during a power outage, as per most regulatory requirements. However, some products may offer extended durations depending on their specifications and back up battery capacity.

Are emergency lighting products energy-efficient?

Yes, many of our products use energy-efficient LED emergency light technology, which consumes less power compared to traditional lighting options while providing the same level of illumination.