Emergency Exit Signs

In the event of a fire or other emergency, emergency exit signs are a key component of a fire safety plan, complying with safety legislation and fulfilling a duty of care to keep people safe in a commercial, domestic or industrial premises.

The purpose of emergency exit signs is to clearly signpost the nearest fire exit and shortest and quickest route to safety.

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What materials are used to make emergency exit signs?

Emergency exit signs are made from sturdy materials to ensure longevity, such as clear polycarbonate (pc) and acrylic. Other types of fire safety signs are made of self-adhesive vinyl, foamex boards and metal.

How long do emergency exit signs typically last?

The longevity of a light-up emergency exit sign can vary depending on the model, environment and maintenance. LED lights in particular have long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs and reduce the hassle of frequent maintenance. Emergency lighting must also be able to last up to 3 hours if the mains supply is removed, and an annual test should be carried out to ensure this is the case.

How often should emergency exit signs be tested?

Monthly testing of fire exit signage is recommended to ensure the light is functioning properly and that backup lighting kicks in once the mains power supply is switched off. The frequency of testing can vary depending on model and environment but both monthly and an annual test are typically advised to keep the exit sign running effectively.

How can I ensure my emergency exit signs are compliant with safety regulations?

Regulations may differ depending on the requirements of local building codes and authority guidelines. A licensed electrician or fire safety expert will be able to advise on proper placement and maintenance according to specific building requirements. In general, fire exit signs must comply with the following:

• Be completely visible at all times, even in low-light conditions
• Include the correct colour, contrast and symbols such as directional arrows
• Regular maintenance carried out

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