Home EV Chargers

Looking to install an electric vehicle charging point on your property? Look no further than our comprehensive range of domestic EV chargers.

Installing an EV charging point at your home can bring a range of benefits, including greater flexibility and convenience for charging your vehicle. You can also reap the benefits of cheaper energy rates by charging your vehicle overnight at home when prices are lower. Additionally, an electric vehicle charger could help to boost your property’s value.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock a varied selection of smart EV charger brands such as Pod Point, Easee, OHME and MyEnergi. Our home EV chargers are available in different outputs, compatible with type 1 or type 2 connectors and can be positioned on a pedestal or wall-mounted.

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Where can I get a domestic EV charger installed?

You can get your electric car charger installed in locations such as your garage, or on an outside wall if adequate space is available. Your installer will be able to advise you on the best place to install your home charger. You must own a private off-road parking space to be eligible for electric car charging installation.

How long could it take for an electric vehicle to charge at home?

The length of time it takes to charge your electric vehicle will depend on the size of its battery and the speed of the charging point you have installed. Home charging points are usually 3.6kW or 7kW and typically provide around 15-30 range miles per hour of charge. With a 7kW pod point charger, it typically takes approximately 8 hours to completely charge a vehicle with a 60kWh battery. For this reason, many homeowners choose to charge their electric cars overnight.

What is the difference between an untethered or tethered unit?

A tethered charger has a permanently attached charging cable for a specific type and model of electric car, while an untethered unit requires the user to provide their own charging cable.

Many electric car owners choose tethered chargers for their vehicle for convenient and hassle-free charging, while some owners prefer untethered to be able to accommodate different types of vehicle models and charger types in future.

Our EV charger range features both types, so you can choose whichever one is best for you.

What are the benefits of installing an EV charger at home?

The majority of people install EV chargers at home for the convenience of being able to charge their vehicle when needed, without visiting public charging stations. Local charging facilities can vary, and a home EV charger reduces the risk of finding your nearest charging ports full if local infrastructure is limited or incompatible with your model.

Cost is another advantage of home EV charger installation. Charging your electric vehicle at home is often more cost-effective compared to using public charging stations. By taking advantage of lower residential electricity rates, you can save money on charging costs over time, especially when compared to the potentially higher fees associated with public charging stations.

What type of maintenance or servicing does a domestic EV charger require?

A routine service from an EV technician will check for electrical faults and help to prevent any potential issues in future. General wear and tear from weather, everyday use and slow charging are the most common issues that can be easily rectified with an annual service, designed to keep your EV charger operating at peak performance.

A strong wi-fi connection will facilitate smart charging and ensure that your charger is up to date with the latest software and data tracking for efficient and reliable performance.

How long does it take to install a domestic EV charger?

Most EV chargers can be installed in as little as 2-3 hours. The process is typically straightforward and involves installing the charging port and connecting it to both a power supply and your home wi-fi network.

Occasionally, extra work may need to be done to make room for your charger and the installation may carry over into an additional day.

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