How to Protect your Work Van

How to Protect your Work Van

Published: Friday, 12 April 2024

Every 23 minutes, a van in the UK is broken into; in 2023 alone, over 11,000 vans were stolen. Van theft is increasingly becoming an issue in the UK, and the increase in the number of van thefts per year is leaving tradespeople anxious over the safety of their work vans. In this article, we will look at ways to keep your van protected from potential theft.

When it comes to protecting your van, you need to make sure two things are kept secure: the vehicle itself and the tools and equipment that are kept inside the vehicle. We would always suggest that, if you can, remove your tools and equipment from your work vehicle and move them to a more secure location, such as your home. We also recommend doing simple car security checks, such as locking your van, keeping your keys protected, and, with newer vehicles, making sure your apps are secure and pin-protected.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep your vehicle secure.

Van Alarm

Van alarms are an excellent deterrent against criminals since, once set off, they could feel compelled to leave the van before stealing anything. This isn't always the case, though, since some professionals think that it's too late and that tools and equipment will have already been taken if a van alarm goes off.

VanGuardian is a van alarm that aims to deter thieves before they get inside the vehicle. With it being installed on the exterior of the vehicle, it provides the owner with a visible and audible deterrent, and with 7 levels of sensitivity, VanGuardian is equipped to handle a multitude of varied conditions and location positions on and around your van. You can browse the range of VanGuardian on our website here.

Van Storage

Tradespeople typically have to spend time and money repurchasing tools and equipment after a van break-in because the perpetrator will have easy access to them. Having a secure space in your van could keep burglars out of your equipment and keep it safe from theft.

A UK company called Van Vault assists in adding an additional degree of security to your devices. Vehicle vault systems are made to fit snugly into your vehicle and protect your belongings with a reinforced lid and strong steel body. Vehicle vaults are available in a range of sizes and forms, so you can customise one for your vehicle.

Steering Wheel Lock

Adding a steering wheel lock to your car's security options is highly recommended. Your steering wheel won't move until the lock is unlocked if you have a steering wheel lock on it. A fantastic deterrent that will provide your car extra security and buy you the much-needed time to stop thieves from trying to get inside.

Outside Work Van


One of the best ways to protect your van and discourage most thieves from trying to steal it is to have a specific area set aside for security. It would be advantageous for enterprises and independent contractors to have a designated area for parking their cars. The best place for this would be a garage, although CCTV-equipped parking lots are also excellent. However, we acknowledge that some people might not have access to these facilities at their place of employment or residence, which is why we continue to advise on the first three security measures.


Although they won’t protect you from break-ins, trackers are a great way to make sure your vehicle doesn’t immediately disappear once stolen. Having this information is great because it will give you an extra couple of days to recover your vehicle. It is important to note that experienced thieves have gotten better at either jamming or removing these devices, so once the vehicle has been stolen, we would recommend contacting the local authorities immediately. 

Van Fleets

Ideal for companies instead of freelance van drivers, van fleets are a great way to keep your equipment and vans protected from theft. When companies have a van fleet, it allows all vans to be stored in a safe and secure location when their drivers have finished for the day. This means no van will be left on driveways susceptible to theft. This also means that all vehicles could be logged in and out of a secure location with a logged inventory, meaning that if a van was to be stolen while one of your drivers was working, you would have the necessary information for the police and the insurance company.

We are aware that some businesses allow their drivers to take their vans home, as it allows them to go straight to the first job instead of having to pick up their vehicle. However, this is why we recommend the previous steps be taken to deter thieves when keeping your vehicle at home.


With the rise of van thefts each year, it's more important than ever to make sure you keep your van protected. We hope these tips have given some insight into ways to keep your van safe.

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