6 Top Tips for Fire Safety at Home

Fire Safety at Home

Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

Around 30,000 house fires occur annually across the UK, making home fire safety extremely important. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can prevent fires from happening at home. That’s why, here at YESSS Electrical, we’ve shared our top six tips on home fire safety. 

  • Have a fire alarm installed and regularly test it

Around 1 in 10 households do not currently have a fire alarm fitted. One of the first and most important steps of ensuring fire safety is installing a fire alarm. Fire alarms allow you enough time to act quickly and evacuate the building before the fire gets out of control.

There should be a fire alarm installed on every floor of your property, placed in the middle of the ceiling around 30 cm away from all walls and lights. All of the fire alarms in your home should be tested regularly to ensure they are working correctly, testing the batteries each week and changing them at least once every year (unless they contain a ten-year sealed battery).

Fire alarms are cost-effective and simple to install. Here at YESSS Electrical, we stock a wide range of approved smoke, heat and CO alarms including smoke, heat and multi sensors.  

  • Plan an escape route

It’s important to plan another escape route besides the back and front door of your property, for in case the fire restricts you from using your normal route. Take some time to practice your escape plan and make sure you take into consideration pets, babies, disabled people and the elderly. A well-planned escape route could save lives so it is important to think ahead and be prepared.

Aico Heat and Carbon monoxide Alarm

  • Take care with naked flames and flammable items

Around half of house fires are caused by cooking accidents which is why it is important to take extra care in the kitchen. You should:

  • Pay close attention when cooking and do not leave pans on the heat unattended
  • Be careful when using cooking oil as it can easily set on fire
  • Keep the kitchen clean from a build-up of grease
  • Keep cloths and tea towels away from the hob 
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing when cooking
  • Check everything is turned off when you have finished cooking
  • Avoid cooking if you have consumed alcohol or taken any medication that may cause drowsiness 
  • Avoid leaving children in the kitchen alone 
  • Never throw water over a pan if it sets alight

Every six days someone dies from a house fire caused by a cigarette so it is important to try to avoid smoking inside your home, and if you do, make sure the cigarette is put out and disposed of correctly.

When lighting a candle, make sure it is put in a stable holder away from any flammable items including curtains and clothing. Put out any candles before going to bed or leaving your house.

Make sure any flammable liquids are stored correctly. If possible, try to keep flammable liquids in a cool, well-ventilated space away from naked flames. 

Invest in fire safety equipment for home

Investing in fire safety equipment could save lives. Installing a fire extinguisher in your home can help to prevent a fire from spreading and suppress it until the fire brigade arrives.

Installing a heat alarm in the kitchen is a must. Smoke alarms should not be installed in kitchens as the smoke from cooking can set the alarm off. At YESSS Electrical, we stock a wide range of heat alarms for residential properties from trusted brands such as AICO. 


  • Be careful with electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is one of the main fire hazards in the home. That’s why it is important to avoid overloading sockets as this can cause a fire. Try to stick to one plug per socket and check the limit of how many amps an extension cable can take.

Plug-in heaters also emit a lot of heat, so it is incredibly important to make sure they are never covered or placed next to flammable items. If you have young children, it may be wise to put up a fire guard to prevent them from burning themselves. 

Unplug all electric blankets before getting into bed unless the blanket has thermostat control and is safe for all-night use. 

  • Do a home fire safety check at night

Make a home fire safety checklist and use this before going to bed. This can help to reduce the chance of a fire. 

A home fire safety checklist could include:

  • Closing the doors inside your home at night to stop a fire from spreading around the property
  • Turning off and unplugging all electrical appliances (except those that should be left on e.g. the fridge) 
  • Checking the cooker is turned off
  • Making sure that candles and cigarettes are put out properly
  • Make sure that exits are kept clear and everyone knows where the keys are

If there’s ever a fire, call 999 immediately once you’re out of the building. Keep calm and act quickly to ensure everyone gets out as soon as possible and do not go back to retrieve any valuables. 

Overloaded Socket

Protect Your Home With YESSS Electrical

Now you’re fire proficient, you may be looking for reliable fire safety products to increase the safety of your home. 

Here at YESSS Electrical, we stock a wide range of fire alarms and accessories from top brands such as AICO and Hispec. Browse our comprehensive selection online today or contact us on 01924 227941 for more information on how you can improve the fire safety of your home.

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