How to Improve Fire Safety at Work

Fire Safety

Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

Fire safety is important in any space that poses a fire risk, this includes commercial businesses. Whether you work in a shop, restaurant, or office, you should always prioritise fire safety at work in order to keep yourself, your colleagues and the entire business safe.

There are a number of ways in which you can increase business fire safety. From staff fire safety training to purchasing fire safety devices for your premises. Find out our top recommendations for fire prevention in the workplace below.

The importance of business fire safety 

Fire safety at work is essential in order to protect staff, visitors and the entire business from the dangers of fire. Fires can be devastating to businesses, they can cause harm to members of the team and result in irreversible damage to important business materials, not to mention the expenses that can be incurred.

Due to the damaging risks of fires, businesses must implement effective fire control measures in order to reduce fire risks. 

According to Fire Safety Law, employers have a legal responsibility to create fire control measures that prevent fires from spreading, or even starting in the first place. In commercial settings, the employer is recognised as the “responsible person” who is in charge of ensuring that staff and visitors are kept safe from fire.

The best ways to improve fire safety at work 

There are many ways in which you can improve fire safety at work. Spending time implementing measures to increase business fire safety can not only protect employees, but it can also help you save on repair and negligence costs. Plus, great peace of mind can come with knowing that you are working in a safe environment, which can in turn increase worker productivity. 

Here are our top tips for fire prevention in the workplace:

  • Conduct frequent fire risk assessments

Fire risk assessments are an essential part of office fire safety. It is also a legal requirement in most commercial settings. Fire risk assessments typically involve thorough checks of the entire workspace in order to identify any potential fire hazards. Once these hazards have been identified, fire control measures that prevent fires from spreading must be outlined and communicated to the entire workforce.

  • Give staff fire safety training 

Another key part of fire safety at work is ensuring that staff receive sufficient fire safety training. All staff should be aware of fire safety procedures in order to ensure that they are able to act accordingly if a fire incident strikes. Fire safety training can involve showing staff how to raise fire alarms and practising fire drills to make sure that the entire team knows how to exit the building in a safe manner.

Fire Safety Training

  • Appoint fire marshals 

Fire marshals are employees who are appointed to take control during fire emergencies. These marshals are responsible for ensuring that everyone within the building exits safely in the event of a fire. These employees are invaluable to businesses as they provide an added sense of security and confidence in the safety of the workplace, it also gives employees the chance to learn another useful skill. In order to take on this role, employees must undergo fire marshal training.

  • Keep the working space clean

As well as contributing to a healthy working environment, a clean working area can also help to reduce the risk of fire. When an area is full of clutter, the fire load increases, which means that there are more items at risk of catching fire. Also, cluttered areas can obstruct fire exit routes and cause a significant risk to safety. You should always ensure that your work building is clean and tidy, this can help everyone within the building make a swift exit if a fire emergency occurs.

Fire Marshal

  • Invest in high-quality electricals

Poorly manufactured and inefficient electricals can cause fires within the workplace. Thus, you should ensure that you always invest in high-quality products for your business. From your lighting and heating to your working tools and equipment, all of your electricals should be manufactured to a high standard. 

  •  Avoid energy overloads 

You should also avoid overloading plug sockets and electrics. This can not only increase fire safety for businesses but it can also help to reduce energy costs if you are limiting the energy consumption that takes place. 

  • Invest in fire safety equipment alarms

Fire safety equipment such as smoke alarms, fire alarms and fire detectors are highly beneficial to business fire safety. These pieces of equipment can help to alert the entire building to fire risks and allow safe evacuations to take place in suitable time. They can also alert employees to potential fire risks before they worsen and cause serious damage.

C-Tec Fire Alarm

Enhancing business fire safety with YESSS Electrical 

YESSS Electrical supply a range of fire safety products for commercial spaces. Whether you work in an office, school or restaurant, we can provide you with the fire safety products you need to keep your staff and business safe from fires.

Our fire safety equipment range includes everything from fire alarms and smoke detectors to fire alarm panels and fire alarm accessories. So, if you’re looking to improve your fire safety at work, take a look at our excellent fire safety products today.

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