Which EV Charger Brand Is Best for My Home?

Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

Which EV Charger Brand Is Best for My Home?

A home charger is the most cost-effective and convenient way to make sure your EV always has enough charge.

With the number of EVs continually rising, there are now a number of companies offering domestic charging solutions for EV owners. But, it's definitely worth researching the different brands to find the best choice for you. Our guide has you covered, we'll talk you through the best home EV charger brands to help you make an informed choice.

Here's our top picks of the best home EV chargers:

Let's take a look at the different brands in further detail.

The Best EV Charger Brands


Offering smart and user-friendly home chargers, Easee began in Norway in 2018 and quickly became on of the most popular EV charging brands in the UK. Our favourite home charger in the brand is the Easee One, let's take a look.

Easee One

The Easee One is perfect for most EV drivers looking to purchase a home charger. Able to charge all electric vehicles with the relevant EV cable, the Easee One is incredibly adaptable. It can work as an untethered (socket only) or tethered device (cable attached) simply by touch of a button. This makes it the ideal choice for all EV users, including those who prefer the convenience of a tethered charger and those who prefer the tidiness of an untethered charging unit.

It also includes PEN conductor protection, meaning you do not need to have a separate earth rode installed resulting in a simpler and neater installation. With the Easee One, you can benefit from dynamic load balancing meaning you can have up to three units working from the same circuit, great for multi-EV households.

The Easee home charger is compatible with all smartphones via the Easee app where you can control your EV charger wherever you go.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock the Easee One in 7.4kW and 22 kW.


- Sleek design

- Flexible

- Built in PEN detection

- Lightweight

- Quick and easy to install

- Compatible with the Easee app


- No solar surplus function (can not use solar energy to charge EV)

- No advanced functions in the smartphone app

Pod Point

As the UK's leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, Pod Point provides a range of innovative home EV chargers compatible with leading car brands including Tesla. Since 2009, Pod Point has sold over 175,000 chargers in the UK and this number is continually increasing. Our top pick from Pod Point is the Solo 3. 

Pod Point Solo 3

The Pod Point Solo 3 is the latest improved version of the best-selling Pod Point Solo.

The Pod Point Solo 3 has all of the same functions as the Pod Point Solo, but brings a much sleeker and more durable oval design. Available in two types, tethered and universal, the Pod Point Solo 3 can be purchased in 3.6kW, 7kW, and 22kW. The universal unit connects to all electric cars, with no cable included. The tethered unit includes a type 1 cable, suitable for all compatible EVs.

The Pod Point Solo 3 is more durable than most EV chargers with a tougher casing, offering greater impact resistance made from polycarbonate.

Offering charging speeds of up to three times faster than a three pin plug, the Pod Point Solo 3 offers a fast and convenient way to charge your EV with built-in PEN detection. With the Pod Point smartphone app, you can benefit from a range of features including charge scheduling and auto-power balancing.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock the Pod Point Solo 3 in 7kW and 22kW with the option of universal, Type 1 and Type 2 tethered.


- Robust and modern design

- Tethered and untethered option

- Built-in PEN detection

- Smaller size

- Easy to install


- No solar integration

- Basic app features


Wallbox is a well-known world-wide company offering a range of high-quality EV charging solutions. Dedicated to manufacturing convenient and fast home chargers, Wallbox are based in Barcelona but distribute products globally. At YESSS Electrical, we have two favourite wallbox chargers: the Pulsar Plus and Pulsar Max.

Pulsar Plus

The Pulsar Plus is a compact and incredibly efficient EV charger, perfect for daily use. Its small dimensions and simple design make it perfect choice for any home. In fact, the Pulsar Plus is one of the smallest home chargers on the market. As Wallbox have described, it is smaller than a toaster and lighter than a laptop.

The Pulsar Plus is a durable and robust, with a water and dust resistance rating of IP54 featuring IK08 protection ratings. With built-in earthing protection, the Pulsar Plus does not recquire and additional earth rod making installation faster than ever.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock the Wallbox Pulsar Plus, Type 2, 7.4kW in White and Black.


- Compact design

- Built-in PEN detection

- Robust and high-quality build

- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


-Smartphone app very basic

- No Solar function

Pulsar Max

The Pulsar Max is the newest model of the Pulsar Plus, featuring the same features but with a new and improved build quality. The Pulsar Max can withstand greater impact with a rating of IK10, compared to the previous IK08.

The Pulsar Max is slightly bigger than the previous model featuring a new matter look. You can also now programme the halo light to turn on when you interact with the charger, which is something the Pulsar Plus does not offer.

The new design also comes with solar PV compatibility. So, if you have solar panels at home you can benefit from using the energy generated by those, with changeable modes in the smartphone app for Full Green or Eco charging.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock the Pulsar Max, Type 2 EV charger in 7.4kW


- Modern matte design

- Improved smartphone app experience

- Solar PV compatability

- Robust build


- Bigger than Pulsar Plus

Sync EV

The Sync EV charger is one of the smallest EV charge points in the world, making it more discreet than other chargers on the market. It is also quick and easy to install with built-in earthing, saving time and money on installation.

The Sync EV chargepoint has built-in Wi-Fi to enable the smart features in the app. With the Sync EV app there are lots to benefit from including:

  • Smart scheduling: set a start and stop time for charging.
  • The LED light ring: can be turned down in the app, indicating the charging status, power on, ready to charge or charging.
  • EV charger can be set to 'basic' mode: it will start charging as soon as it is plugged in and will only stop charging when the battery is full.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock the Sync EV charger in 7.4kW, Type 2, tethered and untethered units.


- Discreet design

- Quick and easy to install

- Compatible with the Sync EV smartphone app

- Built-in PEN fault detection


- No solar compatibility


As a UK leading supplier of electric vehicle charging products, Sevadis have been developing and supplying high-quality EV chargers for residential properties since 2016. At YESSS Electrical our favourite EV charger in the Sevadis range is the Maxi Charger.

Maxi Charger

The Maxi Charger is a modern and cost-effective way to charge your EV at home. Featuring an aesthetically pleasing design, the Maxi Charger has a front LCD display which appears blank when you're not actively using the charger and automatically comes on when you are. The panel along the bottom of the EV charger has a row of control buttons including an adjustable amperage, timer and the option to set and change any other settings.

Installation of the Maxi Charger is quick and easy with a simple angled metal bracket which is screwed onto the wall.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock the Sevadis Maxi Charger in a 7.4kW, Type 2 unit with or without 4G.


- Cost-effective

- Modern design

- Robust cable

- LCD display

- Simple installation

- Optional 4G


- No solar compatibility

Project EV

Designing EV chargers that are suitable for every electric car on the market, Project EV is now one of the UK leading providers of EV charging solutions. Project EV home chargers allow you to charge your electric vehicle using green energy generated by the solar panels on your home. Our favourite domestic charger in the brand is the Pro Earth, let's take a look.

Pro Earth

The Pro Earth EV charger features a range of handy functions including solar integration, allowing you to cut back on energy bills and use the energy generated by your solar panels to charge your EV.

Robust and sturdy, the Pro Earth is both weather-proof and impact resistant. The design incorporates a lockable cable socket, allowing you to turn your EV charger into a thethered unit. 

The Pro Earth EV charger can be wall or post mounted, making it extremely versatile for a range of homes. It also comes with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity with an app you can operate from your smartphone.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock the Pro Earth EV charger in a 7.3kW, Type 2 unit.


- Solar integration

- Robust design

- Impact resistant

- Lockable cable socket

- Can be wall or post mounted


- Smartphone app very basic


Designer and manufacturer of award-winning EV home chargers, Myenergi offers a range of fast and reliable EV charging solutions to create the ultimate eco-friendly home. The brand began in 2016 and has recently grown in the UK. Our favourite home charger in the brand is the Zappi EV charger, let's take a look.


British-made and built to last through extreme weather conditions, the Zappi EV charger has a robust and sturdy design offering longevity. The size of the charger allows you to loop the cable around the unit for tidiness.

One of the best features of the Zappi is solar PV charging. If you have solar panels, the Zappi home charger can use the energy generated from those to charge your electric car.

Featuring an LCD display, the Zappi charger is easy to read in direct sunlight and automatically dims itself when not in use.

Available in white and grey or black and grey, the Zappi charger can easily match any home design. Shop the Zappi charger in 7kW at YESSS Electrical today.


- Solar functionality 

- Built-in cable tidy

- Built-in PEN detection

- Sturdy design

- LCD display


- More expensive than alternatives

Which is the Best EV Charger for My Home?

The best home EV charger for you depends on you budget and personal preferences. At YESSS Electrical, we only stock the best high-quality. affordable home chargers from the top brands including Pod Point, Sevadis, Wallbox and Easee.

For more information, read our guide on how to choose the best home EV charger before browsing through our excellent range of EV home charging units online.

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