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Published: Friday, 11 August 2023

YESSS Renewables offers market-leading services in the electric vehicle charging and renewable energy sectors. The division combines a wealth of experience meaning we can provide you with full support from your earliest enquiry through to installation, ongoing maintenance, and future bolstering of infrastructure as the number of EVs on the road increases. In this article, we will be looking at what our renewables division offers to our customers, this includes product ranges, industry knowledge, and much more. 

Home EV Charging

Home EV charging is the future of the UK electric vehicle market and making sure we have the stock readily available to meet these demands is important. Our Renewables department offers one of the widest ranges of domestic charges available in the UK market. To ensure our customers enjoy the best EV charging experience at their home, we have focused on providing products to meet all requirements, be it: 

  • Load management
  • PEN fault detection
  • App integration
  • Solar/battery interoperability
  • Scheduling and smart tariff integration
  • Options to suit all budgets

Workplace EV Charger

We understand that electric vehicles are new and often daunting. Many employers and employees are faced with a range of questions and are often left unsure what their workplace EV charging makeup should look like across their offices and car parks. 

YESSS Renewables works in partnership with our branch network, and we offer a free consultancy review. We assess each job on over 20 different criteria to determine the best chargers to suit your fleet’s transition to electric. We also take a wider view of your fleet’s location, operation, and activities to recommend the best solutions for both hardware and back-office management software.

Public EV Charger

With the demand of EV charging rising, public, and commercial charging opportunities will expand drastically. Electric vehicle drivers need the opportunity to charge at home, work, and when out and about on the road. Public charging provides a welcome and much-needed top-up opportunity for all drivers. 

We offer a wide range of AC and DC Public EV charging solutions which combine load management and, payment functionality, tariff setting, access control and the ability to prioritise / reward selected user groups.

Our specialists can create a bespoke hardware and software proposal for your public charging requirements.

EV charging

Solar Power & Battery Storage 

As we transition to a greener, cleaner future, we must take every opportunity to decarbonise our power generation. With the increased reliance upon electricity to heat our homes and workspaces, to power our vehicles and to underpin our ever more technological society. 

Solar PV enables you to turn almost any roof space, spare field, or car port into a power generation point.

We provide full desktop surveys on all your solar requirements. Providing designs, generation reports and an opportunity to take your electricity generation into a greener direction. 

Solar power works great when backed up with battery storage offerings as well as our whole business decarbonisation plans via our carbon detox calculator, we can provide your home or business with a future-proof, green and efficiency solar system.

Battery Storage

Due to the reduction or removal of many of the feeding tariffs, which have been pertinent in the UK energy market over previous years. Paired with rising prices of gas and electricity, it makes ever more sense to be able to self-store your energy, whether its power you’ve generated yourself via solar or wind, or whether you’ve purchased it at off-peak times. 

Our range of battery storage solutions enable you to store your electricity and use it at peak times to reduce energy bills, alternatively you can reduce your need for supply upgrades which are becoming ever more costly but using the battery stored energy to steady the curve of your energy peaks and troughs. To learn more about both solar and battery storage, check out our guide here.

Wind Power

As we look ahead towards a zero-carbon future, it is pivotal for sites to extract power from every available source. Wind energy is one of the most efficient and greenest ways to supply extra power to your home, business or retail location and suits the UK climate better than most other renewables. 

YESSS Renewables love innovative products which solve problems and enable our clients to reduce their carbon emissions. By partnering with two UK based providers of wind turbines, ranging from vertical access wind turbines (VAWT) ranging from 3ft to 12ft, all the way to the large horizontal access wind turbines (HAWT) which we have all become accustomed too as a familiar sight along our horizons. 

Our specialist team can work with you as part of our renewables consultation to determine if wind energy would be suitable and viable for your site. Designs can then be provided showing expected generation and what this would mean in terms of financial and carbon savings for you.

We work with British based turbine suppliers with our goal to decarbonise the supply chain of renewables whenever possible. 

For more of an in depth look at how wind power works, check out our article here.


Carbon Detox Calculation 

Getting your home or business to carbon neutrality may seem like an alien concept to many, but it is a far more common challenge than you may think. Many clients we have worked with so far have been tasked with reducing their carbon to a NET zero figure anywhere from 2026 to 2030. 

Our carbon detox calculation pulls together a wide array of specialist energy reduction services from across the YESSS Group. Starting with an energy review using energy tracking hardware and software. With this we get a full 360-degree profile of your energy landscape. 

We will work to understand your charging energy needs, be that the installation of car chargers, upgrading to electric heating systems or expansion of your operations. We then identify the quick wins to provide efficiency savings which can reduce carbon, reduce energy spend and free up additional headroom for use on future projects without the need for power supply upgrades. 

We then look at a roadmap to decarbonise the supply of energy into your property, be it through increasing the efficiency of existing supply, solar panels, wind turbines, and heat pumps to name a few. 

Finally, we look at energy spend and tariff information whether the use of battery storage to locally harness energy from renewable sources or from cheaper, lower carbon overnight energy supplied when the grid is less constrained to be used at peak times. All of this, combining into a journey from your building’s current efficiency to your greener, cleaner future. 

YESSS Renewables is an experienced team that provides technical assistance with specialised products and services.  The team has years of extensive experience within the renewables industry and provide our customers with industry insight helping make the correct decision for themselves. 

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