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Published: Friday, 11 August 2023

YESSS Lighting is our specialist lighting division, which provides the UK with complete energy-efficient lighting solutions. The division offers years of experience providing you with high-quality lighting solutions fit for both commercial and home use. In this article, we will be looking at our lighting division and what they offer our customers. 

Lighting Design Service

Our lighting design team works with all the leading manufacturers to help provide you with:

  • Independent advice and client support
  • Return on investment calculations
  • Energy saving solutions.
  • Latest design software technology

Our design service is completely free allowing you to set up how you want your lighting to be with no additional costs. 

Bespoke Lighting Solutions

With decades of experience in the lighting design industry, comprising of a team of experts passionate about creating bespoke lighting. Our speed, flexibility and constant innovation have been the key to our success and continue to set us apart from our competition. 

Our bespoke fittings are developed, tested, and manufactured to meet your exact requirements.

3D Software Visualisation 

We effectively leverage the power of Autodesk Revit and our custom lighting design plugin to bring your lighting installations to life.

  • Industry-leading CAD drawings provided
  • Easily convey creative intension
  • Levels of detail and accuracy not possible using other lighting design packages
  • We are able to work within your own model which again improves efficiency and accuracy.
  • Greatly improved 3D renderings. 

Return on Investment Calculations

Once we have had an initial discussion on your lighting goal for your home or business, we will then begin to look at your current energy, maintenance and carbon usage and will assess your current emergency lighting for compliance reasons. Then we will create a selection of energy-saving replacement LED fittings that is complete with a general / emergency lighting design to ensure the correct light levels. 

With all the information we have gathered we will then be able to use it to create a detailed report showing your savings and ROI.

Industrial Lighting

We supply a full range of industrial, harsh, and hazardous area lighting. We have a solution for most applications from Zone 1 and Zone 2 Hazardous, to low-temperature lighting for the food and beverage industry.

We also cover marine and coastal applications against salt and corrosive atmospheres and offer special coating for lighting and lighting columns.

Our YESSS Lighting division provides complete energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our team has years of industry knowledge and experience. Our services provide you with one-to-one communication with our lighting specialists to help you make the right decisions in your lighting systems, whether it's for your home or workplace. 

We offer a wide variety Articles, Guides and News related to all aspects of lighting. 

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