Plug Sockets

Discover our extensive range of plug sockets here at YESSS Electrical. Both stylish and functional, you'll find plug sockets from leading brands including BG Electrical Accessories, Schneider, Knightsbridge and Crabtree. We supply everything from a single socket to IP-rated sockets and sockets with handy features such as USB ports for convenient charging at home or work.

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Plug sockets are a fundamental component of modern life, and their benefits are undeniable. These small yet mighty devices provide electrical energy to power our gadgets and light up our homes. With the rise of smartphones, laptops, and other digital technology, plug sockets have become more important than ever. They allow us to stay connected, stay productive and streamline our everyday activities while reducing the need for long cables and extension leads.

Choose from a variety of colours and finishes, from white moulded to polished chrome and different colours including anthracite and red, refresh your space with new electric sockets.

Plug Socket FAQs

What types of IP-rated plug sockets do you supply?

We stock a range of IP-rated sockets including IP20, which has an ingress protection of up to 12.5mm against things such as fingers or dust, ideal for domestic use. IP66 offers powerful protection against water and dust, perfect for industrial use or harsh environments.

Do I need an electrician to install a plug socket?

It is essential to ensure that the installation of your plug sockets is completed safely and in compliance with the relevant regulations. A qualified electrician will have the skills and experience to carry out the job effectively, testing the power supply and socket to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and there is no risk of overheating or fire.

What safety precautions should I take when dealing with plug sockets?

  • Never touch a plug socket with wet hands
  • Ensure the plug socket is turned off before trying to plug in or unplug electrical devices
  • Avoid using extension cords or adapters that can overload the socket and cause a fire hazard

Always make sure that the plug fits securely into the socket and that the wiring or insulation is not frayed or damaged

What types of plug sockets are available?

We stock a wide range of plug sockets and sockets, including:

  • USB plug sockets
  • Polished chrome sockets
  • Shaver sockets
  • Metal clad sockets
  • Converter socket sets
  • Weatherproof sockets
  • Data sockets
  • Switched and unswitched sockets
  • Socket covers and accessories
  • Coaxial sockets
  • Round pin sockets
  • Socket covers and accessories

What is meant by gangs and poles on a plug socket?

Gangs refer to the number of sockets on a particular outlet - the more gangs, the more sockets available for use.

Poles, on the other hand, refer to the number of wires that can be connected to each socket. A 1-pole socket can accommodate a single wire, whereas a 2-pole socket can handle two wires.