White Plug Sockets

Discover our extensive range of white plug sockets here at YESSS Electrical. White sockets are the universal standard of style for electrical outlets at home or work due to their clean, minimalist design and ability to suit most types of decor.

We stock white plug sockets from leading brands including Hamilton and Knightsbridge for durable and reliable sockets that will last for years to come.

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What are the advantages of white plug sockets?

White sockets are the standard for homes, offices, commercial buildings and industrial spaces. Their popularity is timeless thanks to the neutral white casing that has stood the test of time in terms of style and durability. White sockets complement most types of modern and traditional decor and will blend easily into the majority of colour schemes at home or work. They are also easy to wipe clean and can be quickly located in lower lighting conditions.

As the standard colour for plug sockets, it is easy to find matching white light switches, wall plates and accessories to match.

What do I need to consider when choosing new plug sockets?

Here are some of the features you may need to consider before purchasing your plug sockets:

USB charging ports

Consider whether you want your plug sockets to include USB charging ports. These can be convenient for charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices directly from the socket without needing separate adapters.

Power rating

Check the power rating or load capacity of the socket. It should be able to handle the maximum power consumption of your devices without overheating or tripping the circuit breaker.

IP rating

Most indoor white plug sockets are rated IP20, meaning the socket is touchproof and resistant to dust or objects that are over 12mm in size. IP stands for Ingress Protection and details how resistant an appliance is to water and solid objects such as dust. A higher IP rating of at least IP44 or above (depending on zone) is typically required if installed in a bathroom or similar area to stay safe and compliant with UK regulations.


We stock an extensive range of white plug sockets, so it's easy to select a plug socket that matches the aesthetic of your space. If you choose to re-decorate in future, extra white switches and sockets from other brands can be bought to seamlessly match your existing sockets, too.

Choose from raised edge plug sockets to flat plate and a range of different finishes, including white, polished chrome or black.

Our white plug sockets also include products with other handy features such as a built-in Bluetooth speaker, for a hassle-free way to enjoy music or radio.

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