TRMS Multifunction with EVSE Testing Capabilities


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Product Details
  • EVSE testing capabilities
  • Auto-Sequence using TIS EV-TEST100
  • 6mA DC RCD & Ramp Test for EVSE Charging Points
  • Auto Sequence performs Loop, RCD & both cycles of the Ramp Test from pressing the test button once
  • TFT Large Colour LCD Display 320x240 pixels
  • Phase to Phase Loop Testing
  • TRMS for accurate measurement on noisy & distorted circuits
  • Built in fuse characteristic table with a tick (OK) or cross (FAIL) display
  • Accurate PRO-Lock no trip loop test
  • Accurate & reliable no trip loop testing

The TIS-MFTPRO is a professional multifunction installation tester with power quality analysis & Wi-Fi it also now has the capabilities to fully test Evse Charging Stations ideally when using in conjuction with the TIS EV-TEST100.

It will carry out all the expected functions of a multifunction tester, including Loop, RCD & Insulation tests & much much more. It's also includes the facility to test Phase to Phase on Loop, A large TFT Colour LCD display, TRMS for accurate measurements on noisy and harmonically distorted circuits. The TIS MFT-PRO also features an accurate Pro-Lock no trip loop test, power quality analysis & harmonics upto the 25th!.

Depth 75mm
Height 225mm
Width 165mm