50m Earth Wander Lead

Part Code: TIS50

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Part Code: TIS50
  • Rewindable reel
  • 4mm terminals to suit any make or model of instrument
  • Ideal for use with the TIS MFTPRO and TIS MFTECO

The TIS 50 50 metre earth wander reel is a great accessory to enable performance of R2 testing and is easy to use, on a quick and simple rewindable reel it has a 4mm terminal and crocodile clip to fit the majority of test equipment no matter what manufacturer.

This compact 50 metre extension lead eliminates the need for crossing over R1 + R2 measurements by providing a single R2 value. The furthest point at your circuit can be easily verified and every earth point on the circuit throughly checked for its integrity prior to going live.

Easy to carry as the outer frame is easy to hold.

The TIS 50 is supplied with a 1.5 metre inter-connecting lead and crocodile clip.

Test Lead Length 50m
Voltage Rating 600V