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EV Apps

Published: Thursday, 13 April 2023

As technology has moved forward, people want to control everything within the palm of their hand. That isn’t different when it comes to your Electric Vehicle (EV) and EV charging. With the increased amount of EV chargers on the market, companies have started to implement app integration into their products. In this article we will be looking at both domestic and business apps and looking at the features both offer to help control your EV charging.


Features of the apps can vary depending on the company your EV charger is from. Operating platforms will have more features that your standard EV charger App as they are designed to control multiple chargers over a network and need to give users more control on how they run things. 


The Easee App is their own brand designed to make controlling you electric charge easier while not having to sit around and wait near your car. The apps features include, check the status of the charger, adjust the charging power, and schedule a charging session. 

Seeing the charging status allows you to know how much your EV has been charged, this information helps in avoiding wasting time and helps you get back on the road as soon as possible. (We recommend not to charge your EV to max as that can slowly deplete the battery) 

Adjust the charging power is used to control the power output that goes to your car. This option is great for when you want to charge throughout the day/night as it allows you to use less power and save money by not having an intensive charge. This goes well with being about to schedule your charging session.

Schedule a charging session allows the user to select when you want to charge your EV. By charging at off-peak times allows you to save money as that is when using your electric will be cheaper. 



The Sevadis Cloud is the MaxiCharger app. The app is great for both Electric Vehicle Charge Point (EVCP) users and owners. Depending on your role you will be given different features to use. 


As an owner you will be given an admin level account which gives you full remote access of you EV’s and allows you to set multiple tariffs, manage each charger and gives you the freedom you need to get the best out of your EV charger network.


For users, they will be given a customer level account which allows you to remotely activate your charging whilst away from your vehicle, monitor your usage and allows to make quick payments when necessary. 


The PodPoint App allows you to manage your home charging activity, charge on the Pod Point Network and access workplace and fleet charge. The app works as an ecosystem for PodPoint and allows the user to use the app for all forms of charging (Home, Public and Work.)



Monta is a Third-Party Payment Software designed to make it easier for users to control their EV chargers. The app allows you to set different pricing for different groups and allows you to make safe and secure real-time payments. The Monta software is a great way to optimise and get the best of your EV charge network and is suitable for work and public EV chargers.


Another Third-Party Payment Software, Fuuse gives you the power behind EV charging. Fuuse helps the user save energy, reduce costs, access to more chargers, resolves problems quickly and generate revenue all in the palm of your hand. The intuitive design of the app has never made it easier to find and user EV chargers in your day-to-day life. 


Jumptech is a leading charge point installation software platform and is available to all YESSS customers. This unique tool allows you to focus on the installation whilst providing your customers a seamless experience from enquiry to install. Jumptech features include but are not limited to remote customer self-survey tool, generate, and send quotes, on-site job completion details can be captured offline using our mobile field app for IOS and Android, and many more. 

Commercial EV Charging

Electric Vehicles are set to be the future of automobile travel, that doesn’t mean the technology surrounding it should stay in the past. With app integration we are seeing EV chargers take that step into the future and we are looking forward to seeing where it goes. 

At YESSS Electrical we stock a variety of Domestic and Commercial EV Chargers for you to choose from. To learn more about the apps and software we have spoken about in this article, please contact us here.

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