Nurse Calls

Nurse Call

Published: Tuesday, 04 April 2023

In the medical industry it is important for patients to alert or communicate with a carer when in need, especially the elderly and those with disabilities. Nurse call systems is a great way to reduce time it takes for a patient to receive assistant compared to a standard phone call. There are a lot of products that go with making sure a nurse call system will work. Nurse calls can be implemented in a range of different environments and each call system is designed to suit that environment. In this article we are going to be looking at the different types of call systems and how they can help keep your patients safe.


Controllers are in place to help medical teams give clear information and allows them to respond to a medical emergency, these controllers can be placed in the office, or on corridors so people can respond quickly even while away from the office. The corridor displays come with an onboard sounder and buttons to accept, scroll through, and manually divert calls. It comes installed with a sounder and the flash, and the sounder rate will intensify to reflect the urgency of incoming calls. The call system controls the entire call point system and monitors all network devices and manages the routing and distribution of all calls. These are required for all call point systems. C-TEC provide both call systems and corridor displays for your call point system. You can check out their products here.

C-Tec Nurse Call Controller

Call Points

Call points is a quick and simple way for a patient to ask for assistance. A simple push of the button will alert the network and medical team that you need assistance and will be able to attend to you in a fast and efficient manner.  These call points are great to be mounted on walls next to beds or within the bathroom. C-TEC offer high quality call points and comes with a remote socket for an optional tail call lead, pressure mat or other ancillary calling device.  You find their products here.

Ceiling Pull Cords

Another style of call point is a ceiling pull cord. Commonly used in bathrooms settings, these are a great solution if someone has fallen and aren’t able to lift themselves back up without assistance. Similar to the call point this will trigger an alarm that will notify the medical team that the patient needs help, and the closer team will be able to notify that someone is responding to the call. The pull cords will also work great with your standard call points as you will be able to reset the alarm from there. C-TEC offer pull cords with a variety of two sizes to make sure you have the needed length to set up your room correctly. To check out their pull cords click here.

C-Tec Ceiling Pull Cord


Call leads are sued for call points which have a remote socket available. These leads allow the user to remotely generate standard calls from armchair, beds, etc. If the patient was to remove the call lead, then it will generate a standard call for medical team to respond to. We stock C-TEC’s 6ft tail call lead which easily connects to the 6.35mm remote socket on a compatible quantic and 800 series call point. You can check out the product here.

Lights & Sounders

The overdoor light and sounder is a great tool to place above patients rooms to give medical teams an audible and visual indication that the patient needs assistance. They are also used as an ‘area indicator’ at corridor junctions, staff workstations, etc. C-TEC offer a high quality overdoor light and sounder which mounts on a standard UK 25mm single gang flush or surface black box. You can find the product here.

C-Tec Nurse Call Lead

We hope this article has shown you the importance of nurse calls and what products are involved with making a nurse call system work effectively. You can browse any of the products we have mentioned by clicking the links in their section. C-TEC also provide quality fire safety equipment which you can find here

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