Industrial Control Stations

Industrial Control Station

Published: Wednesday, 26 April 2023

A control station is an integral part of control gear for heavy industrial use. They consist of buttons, joysticks and switches and are primarily used in controlling industrial machinery. These control stations will help keep your employees safe and allows the user to safely turn off industrial equipment without the risk of injuries. Control stations work perfectly with push buttons. In this article we will be looking at the appliances that goes into industrial control stations and push buttons and how these can help make your business safer. 

Control Station

Control stations come in all shapes and sizes for a multitude of uses, be that momentary switches, key switches, or twist release buttons. This equipment is important in controlling your machinery in a safe and secure way, reducing the risk of injuries to your engineers. These can be customised to meet the needs of your equipment and we recommend that they are positioned in a safe area, so your workers aren’t risking injury to deactivate your equipment. We stock a variety of control stations that are suitable for your needs. Our ERiS Industrial range offers high quality stations that can come pre-built or fully customisable to meet your needs.

Auxiliary Contact Blocks

An auxiliary contact block is what gives power to your control stations, these are necessary for industrial control station. We offer two styles of contact blocks: Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC). NO is when the switches are off the contacts will be open so the electrical connection will be broken leaving the switch to be off. NC is when the contacts are closed that contacts the switch resulting it to be switch ‘on’. All of our auxiliary contact blocks have flexible mounting options and enhanced safety with multiple release options.

Auxiliary Contact Blocks

Emergency Stop Buttons

Known as E-stops, Emergency Stop Buttons are your fail-safe to cut power off to your appliances. Some E-stops can be damaged by particles such as dust however, all our stop buttons are IP65 which offer the best protection when facing issues such as dust and against low-pressure directed water. Our buttons also come equipped with a ‘latching twist release collar’ which will lock the button in place and the appliance will stay off until it is safe to release. We recommend having an E-stop on all your control stations to prevent injury to your employees and engineers whilst they are working or trying to perform maintenance. 

Pilot lamps 

When in industrial setting having pilot lamps to highlight area is much more effective that audible information. The pilot lamps vary in colours and have a variety of voltage for you to choose from so you will always have a product that is suitable for your workplace. Like the rest of our products, they come with an IP65 rating which will protect them against dust, particles, and low-pressure directed water from any angle.  Our team are able to offer more information on how to correctly set up your control stations which you can contact here.

Emergency Stop Button

Control stations are a great way in keeping your employees and engineers safe. We recommend you have them within your industrial setting. 

We offer a variety of products and brands for you to choose from so you can design your industrial control station to meet your needs. 

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