How to Keep Your Commercial Property Safe & Secure

Commercial Property Security Cameras

Published: Monday, 31 July 2023

One of the most important parts of owning a business is keeping the premises safe and secure. 

With the cost of living increasing, burglaries are likely to be on the rise making it more important than ever to keep your commercial property safe. At YESSS Electrical, we’ve rounded up the best ways to improve the security of your business. Continue reading this guide on how to keep your commercial property secure.

Commercial Security: How to Keep Your Property Safe 

  • Install Commercial Security Cameras

CCTV is a must-have for any business. Security cameras will not only deter intruders and minimise the chance of a break-in, but they will also record the event if it does happen, helping to identify the culprit.

If your business does not currently have CCTV, it could be seen as an easy target to criminals as they will often look for premises with no security measures in place. It is recommended that you install both external and internal video coverage in your business  premises to ensure no area is unmonitored.

Alongside deterring criminals, CCTV can also help to settle any disputes between employees and lower your insurance premium, depending on your insurance supplier. At YESSS Electrical, we stock a wide range of CCTV systems for both internal and external coverage. Browse our range online today.

Hikvision Security Camera

  • Install Security Lights

Installing high-impact, wide-coverage security lighting around your commercial property is essential to prevent a burglary. 

Security lighting is a great way to illuminate your business and provide you with peace of mind that criminals can not hide in the darkness. Security lights give the impression that someone is in the building even when they’re not, making criminals wary that they may be spotted.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock a wide range of security lighting from trusted brands such as Saxby. We also stock energy-saving motion sensor security lights perfect for commercial properties, including PIR floodlights.

Lutec Floodlight

  • Safeguard Expensive Equipment 

Any devices such as laptops, tablets and phones should be hidden out of sight, ideally taken home or locked in a cabinet on the premises. Electrical equipment is likely to be stolen if it is left lying around, so it is important to keep it in a secure location out of sight.

If you have nowhere to lock away the equipment, make sure you install high-quality double-glazed windows and close all of the blinds before leaving the building to ensure no equipment is visible through the window.

  • Opt for a Keyless Entry System

Keyless door entry systems prevent the risk of keys being stolen or lost. Door entry systems also allow you to see who has entered the building as each authorised user will have unique credentials, reducing the chance of an intruder gaining access to your commercial property.

Manual keys are often easy to lose and are cheap and easy for criminals to copy. Many modern keyless door entry systems will feature an intercom, which enables you to identify who is at the door of the building before allowing entry and is a great feature if you do not have reception staff.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock a wide variety of door entry systems to help you control who enters your commercial property. We also stock a range of electromagnetic locks to pair with your door entry system. Maglocks will ensure your commercial property remains locked even when power is lost.

Electromagnetic lock

  • Install a Security Alarm

Securing your business with an alarm system is one of the most logical steps in improving the safety of your commercial building.

An alarm system can prevent criminals from entering the building as they risk the chance of being caught. Most alarms will make loud noises to alert passers-by and scare off the criminal, some also notify the owner of the business that the alarm has gone off or even ring the emergency services. With some devices, you can remotely monitor what is happening at your commercial property from your smartphone or tablet.

Here at YESSS Electrical, we have a wide range of security alarms perfect for commercial properties. Our security alarms will provide you with peace of mind that your business is safe and secure at all times. Shop online or at your local YESSS Electrical branch today.

Visonic Security Kit

  • Install a Secure Fence Around the Property

If a burglar sees that your property is easy to access, you’re more than likely to be targeted. Installing high-quality secure fencing around your commercial property can help to prevent criminals from attempting to enter the building.

Commercial fencing is essential for providing extra security for businesses that are left unoccupied for long periods of time. 

  • Conduct Regular Security Checks

Making sure you have all of the above security measures in place and that they are working efficiently can help to improve the security of your commercial property. You should check whether:

  • Any security lights need replacing
  • Any doors or windows are broken 
  • The alarm system is working correctly
  • The CCTV around your commercial premises is working as it should be

Identify any areas of your security that could be improved. Any faults in your security system can give intruders a chance to strike. Immediately repair any breakages in windows and doors and try to keep in contact with other properties nearby to see whether they have had any recent break-ins. 

Conducting regular safety checks around the building and keeping updated on any recent burglaries in the area can help to protect your business.

Security Fence

Keep Your Business Secure With YESSS Electrical

If you’re looking for help keeping your business safe, here at YESSS Electrical we stock a wide range of commercial security systems. From CCTV and alarms to security lights and door entry systems, we have all of your security needs covered. For large sites to small offices, we provide a variety of commercial security solutions to increase safety and offer peace of mind.

Browse our fantastic products online from leading brands such as Hikvision, or get in touch with us today on 01924 227941 for more information on how we can help you improve the security of your business. 

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