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Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

It’s common knowledge that electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular on roads across the world. Many motorists have traded in their petrol and diesel cars for a more efficient and eco-friendly EV. 

Considering the numerous benefits of electric vehicles, there are now plans to apply the technology to public transport – Transport for London (TfL) is set to introduce EV buses.

So, what are the plans for these new EV buses and what could this mean for the future of public transport in the UK? Find out everything you need to know here.

What’s the plan for London’s New EV Buses?

According to reports, TfL plans to introduce 20 fully-electric tram buses. These EV buses will feature a combination of new technology along with older tram and train electrification, which will allow them to run virtually non-stop. Additionally, the EV buses should be able to recharge in as little as 10 minutes, making them highly functional and effective. 

Go Ahead, London’s largest bus operator acquired the electric tram-buses from the Spanish e-mobility maker Irizar. 

The electric buses are set to travel along the 358 route from Crystal Palace to Orpington. So, residents of these areas can expect to benefit from this new service soon – as early as 2023. 

What will the EV buses look like?

EV Bus

The EV buses are described as having a futuristic, bubble-like aesthetic with a sleek outer body and a clean-cut interior. They are estimated to be 12 meters (39-feet) long.

The EV buses are also set to feature USB chargers, Wi-Fi, luggage racks and braille buttons, making them more convenient and accessible for all travellers.

What benefits can EV buses bring?

The new EV bus plan is expected to bring a host of benefits to the country, environment and travellers. The main benefit of EV buses is their positive impact on the environment. The buses are designed to have zero emissions, which means that they will help with environmental preservation and the fight to combat climate change.

The EV bus strategy is being launched as part of TfL’s Bus Action Plan, which seeks to deliver a zero-emission bus fleet in London by 2034. Depending on funding, this plan could be brought forward to 2030.

In addition to the EV tram-buses' environmental benefits, they will also offer citizens an additional way of travel, potentially making journeys simpler and faster. Not to mention, the electric tram-buses are likely to have tourism benefits, with visitors from all over wanting to have a go on this futuristic transport.

How will the EV buses charge?

The EV buses will not charge in the same way as normal charger cars with EV charging stations. Reports have stated that the emission-free buses will charge from above using unique train-style pantographs which will be mounted to the roof.

The buses will charge at bus stops throughout the day. The charging process is estimated to take around just 10 minutes. 

There won’t be any electrical wires featured along bus routes. Instead, the buses will charge at the local large charging station which will be located at either end of the route between Crystal Palace and Orpington. When an EV bus pulls up, the charging station will lower an arm down using Wi-Fi and fast charging will be initiated.

What does this mean for the future of UK transport?

The launch of EV buses is expected to have a huge positive impact on UK transport. 

According to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the electric tram-buses will be a “game-changer,” assisting with aims to make London, and England on a wider scale, greener for the benefit of both citizens and the environment.

The predicted success and benefits of the EV buses could inspire the government to introduce them in other parts of the country.

EV Buses or EV charger cars?

As aforementioned, EV buses are expected to provide a range of benefits to travellers and the environment. However, for those who’d prefer not to rely on public transport, an EV charger car could be more suitable and convenient.

If you have an EV, or you’re considering purchasing one, you could increase the levels of ease and convenience by investing in a home EV charger. This way, you can charge your vehicle from the comfort of your own home and even benefit from cheaper electricity rates with an EV tariff.

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