Floor Sockets

Discover our fantastic range of floor sockets here at YESSS Electrical. Ideal for flexible working and a durable solution for accessing electrical power in high-traffic areas, floor sockets are a popular choice for commercial buildings and offices. We stock a range of floor sockets and accessories in a variety of finishes at great prices, from industry-leading brands you can trust.

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What are the advantages of floor sockets?

Maintain a tidy and organised environment

Floor sockets are designed to be flush with the floor surface and help to maintain a neat and clutter-free appearance in both commercial and domestic spaces. They also eliminate the need for cables and wires to run along the floor to reach computers, laptops and other appliances needed on a daily basis.

Add flexibility to your space

Power access points are vital for an effective and productive office environment. Floor sockets can be installed easily in a convenient location without the need for surface-mounted outlets or extension leads. This allows for flexible furniture placement and easy accessibility to outlets when needed, for instance if a laptop or appliance needs to be moved for a meeting.

Reduced risk of electrical faults or injury

Floor sockets are designed with safety in mind. Many are equipped with protective covers, boxes or hinged lids that help prevent accidental contact with live electrical components when not in use. This reduces the risk of electrical shocks or injuries, especially in high-traffic environments, as well as reducing the need for regular replacements or repairs.

What should I consider when choosing the right type of floor socket for my needs?

Different floor sockets have different load capacities and it's important to choose one that can handle the power demands of the devices you'll be connecting. Make sure the floor socket can safely support the electrical load without causing any issues or overheating.

It's important to consider the style and finish of your floor socket too. We supply a range of finishes including brass, chrome and steel so you can easily match your new floor sockets to your existing decor.