Voltage & Continuity Tester with Built in Proving Checker

Part Code: TIS851

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Part Code: TIS851
  • AC/DC voltage 0V - 690V, LED 12V - 690V
  • CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V
  • Will not trip RCDs when connected live to earth
  • Built in proving test
  • Loud continuity buzzer
  • 2 pole phase rotation test LCD and LED voltage indication
  • Single pole live side test
  • Compliant to BSEN: 61243-3-2014
  • Will indicate voltage with or without a battery
  • Auto power on / off

The TIS 851 is an exclusive voltage and continuity tester, with phase rotation test and a built in proving test that conforms fully to BSEN 61243-3: 2014 and HSE GS38 12B. The TIS 851 is packed with many outstanding features which include will not trip any rcd when testing between live and earth, digital LCD and LED voltage indication, indicates the presence of voltage even if the battery is dead or missing, built in two pole phase rotation test, AC / DC voltage 0 - 690V, single pole phase test, all this plus much more.

Indicator Yes
Maximum Voltage 690V