YESSS Renewables


As the UK heads towards a zero carbon future, it is pivotal for sites to extract power from every available source. Wind energy is one of the most efficient and greenest ways to supply extra power to your home, business or retail location and suits the UK climate better than most other renewables.

Here at YESSS we love innovative products which solve problems and enable our clients to reduce their carbon emissions. By partnering with two UK based providers of wind turbines, ranging from vertical access wind turbines (VAWT) s ranging from 3ft to 12ft, all the way to the large horizontal access wind turbines  (HAWT) which we have all become accustomed too as a familiar sight along our horizons.

Our specialist renewables team can work with you as part of our renewables consultation to determine if wind energy would be suitable and viable for your site. Designs can then be provided showing expected generation and what this would mean in terms of financial and carbon savings for you.

By working with British based turbine suppliers our aim is to work to decarbonise the supply chain of renewables wherever possible.

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