SafetyPat Plus Portable Appliance Tester (5th Edition Compliant)

Part Code: TIS600

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Product Details
Part Code: TIS600
  • 5th Amendment Compliant
  • Tests 230V, 110V & 415V appliances
  • Battery & mains operation
  • Automatically stores test results
  • 250V & 500V insulation test
  • Stores up to 300 test results
  • 110V and 230V true leakage results
  • Tests up to 0.5Ω
  • Complete with free 12 month calibration certificate
  • Rugged case with rubber boot carry strap and harness

The TIS 600 Safety Pat Plus is a very simple and easy to use portable appliance tester that works from batteries or an AC/DC power adapter, it will also test all portable equipment, 110V, 230V or 415V (110V and 415V with optional adapters). Built in memory stores 300 results which can be written down later, it’s as simple as A, B, C, press the button and the tester does the rest. Complete with a padded carrying case, batteries and AC/DC adapter.

Insulation Testing Voltage 250V / 500V