Safe-D D-Fixing Screws [Pack of 100]

Part Code: DFIX/100

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Part Code: DFIX/100
  • D-Fixings are produced from hardened steel DIN standard 10666
  • >1200°C melting point
  • The shallow head optimizes the space remaining for cables
  • No need for plastic wall plugs
  • Excellent tensile strength, shear strength and pull-out load performance
  • Ideal for securing consumer units also

D-Fixings are fire-rated, with a 40mm long shaft and close threads which combine to provide exceptional performance. D-Fixings are ideal for securing D-Line fire-rated Safe-D ranges (& other electrical installation equipment) in popular substrates - including masonry, (stone, brickwork, breeze-block, concrete) plasterboard and wood. D-Fixings have been extensively tested, and are certified to hold Safe-D clips and cable loads up to 970°C for 2 hours, after withstanding stress vibrations and water sprays also. In fire tests the D-Fixing threads remain securely embedded with no need for anchors or plastic wall plugs (which typically melt at 160°C).

EClass Code 22-10-52-02
Length 40mm