NICEIC Inspection, Testing and Certification (BS 7671:2018+A2:2022)

Part Code: PNICITC18_2

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Part Code: PNICITC18_2
  • NICEIC electrical installation certificates, including the minor works certificate
  • Electrical installation condition reports
  • Schedules of inspections and test results
  • Performing the range of test methods and verifying the results
  • The revised text is supported by concise illustrations and detailed tables

This book provides practical advice and guidance on the inspection and testing of electrical installations and the completion of NICEIC certificates and reports.

The information provided is intended to complement Part 6 of BS 7671: 2018+A2:2022 and covers the general requirements relating to the inspection and testing of electrical installations forming part of TN-C-S, TN-S and TT electrical systems. It also provides comprehensive guidance on completion of the following:

ISBN 978-1-83863-008-9