Building Site Lights

Discover our huge range of building site lights from leading brands and illuminate your construction site, temporary work area and other outdoor environments where bright and reliable lighting is essential for safety and productivity. We offer a variety of site lights, from the Garrison LED work site light with tripod to Uplight workspace lighting, flood lights and more.

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What features should I consider when choosing building site lights?

Weatherproofing and durability

Most building site lights are designed to be weatherproof, dust-resistant, and capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. Our range features IP ratings (Ingress Protection) of IP44, IP54 and IP65, which offer higher levels of protection against dust and water for reliable lighting you can use in challenging conditions for a variety of construction and maintenance tasks.

Adjustable lighting features

Our building site lights come with adjustable brightness levels, directional heads, or multi-angle illumination, allowing users to customise the lighting based on specific requirements and work conditions. For example, our telescopic tripods offer 360° rotation which can be locked into place for a constant stream of task lighting wherever it is needed.

Energy-efficient options

Many of our lights are LED compatible and offer a multitude of benefits compared to traditional lighting solutions. For example, LED work lights are energy efficient, consume little power and can help to lower electricity bills. LED bulbs also have a longer lifespan and are less prone to damage from vibration and impact.

Temporary or mobile solutions

Our building site lighting provides an excellent selection of portable work lights for convenience and flexibility. Designed for easy transport and setup with adjustable stands and handles, they're easy to set up quickly in a variety of work environments.

How do you power building site lights?

Building site lights can be powered by generators, mains electricity, or battery packs, depending on their design and intended application. Some models may also offer the flexibility to operate on solar power.

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