LED Lowbays

Ideal for ceilings that are under 20 feet tall, low bay LED lights can provide effective levels of lighting. Our LED low bay lights are large and rectangular to ensure that the lighting is spread efficiently across your area.

These high quality low bay light fixtures are perfect for warehouses and industrial spaces, although they can also suit the needs of a range of other applications. The low bay LED lights that we stock here at YESSS’ Electrical are manufactured by the ular lighting brand Luxna, so you can rest assured that you’ll get great value for your money.
Our LED low bay lights are available in a range of different sizes, browse our collection today. Looking for high bay lights instead? Browse of high bay lighting selection here.


What’s the difference between low bay lighting and high bay lighting? 

The main difference between low bay lights and high bay lights is their suitability for different types of ceilings. Low bay lights are best suited to ceilings 20 feet and under, whilst high bay lights can provide effective illumination to ceilings of around up to 45 feet high. Low bay lights also differ from high bay lights in strength, a low bay light is typically below 100W, meanwhile high bays can exceed 100W.