Light Transformers

Lighting transformers are used to safely convert high voltages down to a suitable level for household lighting. From fully dimmable and resistive lighting transformers to inductive dimmers, we stock a range of electronic transformers from top brands such as Saxby and Aurora.

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Transformer 35 -105 Watt Dimmable

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What safety regulations are your lighting transformers compliant with?

Every lighting transformer in our range is compliant with the following safety regulations:

  • EN 61347
  • EN 55015
  • EN 61000
  • EN 61547

Where are household lighting transformers used?

These transformers are commonly used to power low-voltage lighting systems within residential properties, including under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, track lighting and other decorative lighting features.

What are the benefits of using a lighting transformer?

Using a lighting transformer improves safety due to its lower voltage output. This also reduces energy use, means a longer lifespan for your bulbs and allows you to create atmospheric and custom lighting effects.

How do I choose the right household lighting transformer for my lighting needs?

When choosing a transformer, consider the total wattage of the lighting fixtures, the number of fixtures to be powered and any future expansion plans for the lighting system.

Ensure that the transformer's wattage capacity and voltage output match the requirements of the lighting setup.

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