Square LED Bulkheads

Discover our excellent selection of square LED bulkheads to illuminate your outdoor areas. We only supply industry-trusted brands including Eterna, Aurora, Luxna and Hispec.

Choose from a range of sizes, mounting styles, colours and features to find the perfect square bulkhead for your property.

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What are the key features to consider when looking for the ideal square LED bulkhead?

IP rating

Bulkhead lighting is typically used in outside areas and is often chosen for its ability to withstand harsh weather. Each of our square LED bulkheads have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP65, which means the electrical enclosure is dust-tight and watertight against light pressure spray from any direction. This rating provides peace of mind that your light will operate effectively in the majority of outdoor conditions.

Mounting options

Many of our square LED bulkheads include a surface fixing kit for mounting on either a wall or ceiling. This provides a flexible option for installation for targeted illumination, allowing you to integrate lighting into an existing layout without compromising on space.

Microwave sensor

These sensors can provide customisable lighting options based on factors such as motion detection, daylight levels and time delays. Ideal for larger areas, many bulkheads in our range are compatible with these sensors to enhance security, energy efficiency and convenience.

Where is the best place to install bulkhead lights?

Square bulkhead lights are commonly ceiling or wall-mounted outside commercial and industrial buildings to illuminate entrances, walkways and driveways. However, they can also be suitable for domestic properties, particularly in garden spaces as they are relatively low maintenance and durable in harsh conditions.

Are your square LED bulkheads energy-efficient?

Our excellent selection of square LED bulkheads are highly energy-efficient, capable of lowering your overall energy consumption and potentially reducing your bills. LED bulbs consume less power while delivering bright and consistent light, making them ideal for upgrading or replacing fluorescent lighting for long-term cost and energy savings.

Can LED bulkhead lights be used for security lighting?

An LED square bulkhead is ideal for use as security lighting due to its durability, high brightness, and ability to effectively illuminate outdoor spaces, deterring potential intruders.

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