Star Delta Starters

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Starting up an electric motor can often overload it with current, causing damage or failure. That's why many motors use a specialised technique called star delta starting, which safely reduces the current during startup. This technique involves switching between two connection types - delta connection and star connection. By starting with a star connection and then switching to a delta connection, the current is gradually reduced, allowing the motor to start up without issue.

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What is a star delta starter?

The star delta starter is a common type of starter used in electrical systems to control the starting and stopping of motors. They provide protection to both the motor and the electrical system by controlling the flow of current during motor startup, ensuring a smooth and controlled acceleration. Starters help prevent excessive current draw, voltage dips and other issues that can occur when a motor starts.

How does a star delta starter work?

A star delta starter is specifically designed for a three-phase induction motor and uses certain wiring configurations to balance voltage distribution across the motor windings and current acceleration. It starts the motor in a low-voltage, low-current "star" configuration and then switches it to a high-voltage, high-current "delta" configuration once the motor reaches a certain speed. This transition from star to delta allows for a smoother and more controlled acceleration of the motor.

When is a star delta starter typically used?

Start delta staters are commonly used where high-power three-phase induction motors need to be started smoothly. Manufacturing plants, oil refineries and water treatment facilities often use star delta starters as they require heavy duty motors that benefit from consistent voltage to avoid disrupting equipment on the same electrical supply.

What are the benefits of using a star delta starter?

  • Smooth acceleration of the motor to prevent mechanical stress
  • Reduced inrush current during motor startup, minimising stress on the electrical system
  • Cost-effective solution for controlling large induction motors
  • Increased lifespan of the motor
  • Reduced likelihood of damage or failure during startup
  • Improved efficiency

How is a star delta starter different to other types of starter?

Unlike other starters that may rely solely on direct-on-line starting or soft start methods, the star delta starter reduces the initial current surge that can cause damage to the engine. In addition, this starter includes a thermal overload relay to protect the motor from overheating. By utilising a combination of line voltage and switching between the star and delta winding configurations, the star delta starter offers a reliable and efficient way to start motors of various sizes and types.