Push Buttons

Here at YESSS Electrical, we stock an extensive range of industrial control push buttons. Our push buttons are manufactured by the always-reliable Eris Industrial and built to the highest standards for dependable durability, featuring a robust all-metal housing and an IP65 rating. Our push buttons can withstand all the dust and water you can throw at it, plus they can handle the general wear and tear of modern manufacturing with ease.

In a 22.5mm form factor, these modular and flexible push buttons can fit into your existing industrial control system.

With a number of colours, mushroom heads, on-off options and arrow markings, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for from our complete range.


What are the different types of push buttons?

Most types of push button switches are basic, spring-return buttons that return to their original position when released, known as momentary push buttons and are ideal for temporary functions like starting a motor. In contrast, maintained push buttons stay pressed until manually reset or released. Push buttons are available in many different styles such as illuminated for low light conditions or to indicate status progress, Emergency buttons are typically red and designed for immediate shutdown while mushroom-shaped push buttons are typically used for emergencies too. Flush push buttons have a low-profile design, ideal for limited spaces.

How do push buttons work?

Push buttons work by making or breaking electrical circuits. When the button is pressed, it moves inward, activating an internal mechanism that closes the electrical contacts. This allows current to flow through the circuit, enabling the desired function or operation.

What are the benefits of using push buttons?

Easy to use

Their simple, intuitive design is perfect for quickly controlling machinery and other systems, especially in an emergency.


Most industrial push buttons are designed for long-term use in challenging environments. For example, many in our range are IP rated 65, which ensures resistance against dust and water. Many push buttons also include built-in LED indicators to help users quickly identify the status or function of a button, even in low-light environments.

Integration into control systems

Industrial push buttons can be easily integrated into control systems, making them compatible with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), relay panels, or other control devices. This allows for seamless integration and centralised control of multiple functions.

What does double pole and double throw mean?

A double pole double throw push button has two separate circuits that can be activated with a single press. This means that the button can control two different devices or systems, depending on how it's wired. A double pole double throw is more versatile than a single pole single throw, for example.

What types of applications are best suited for push buttons?

Push buttons are commonly used in a variety of industries and applications for different functions such as start, stop, reset or changing operating modes. These include:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Control panels
  • Automotive industry
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Access control systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Public spaces

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