Multi Sensor Detectors

A multi-sensor fire alarm uses more than one type of sensor to detect the presence of a fire, including smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. A multi-sensor fire alarm can help to reduce the chance of a false alarm from cooking smoke, steam or dust.

YESSS Electrical have a wide variety of multi-sensor fire alarms from C-TEC including heat, smoke and temperature sensors. Discover a range of multi-sensor fire alarms below.


What is a multi-sensor fire alarm?

A multi-sensor fire alarm is a type of alarm that uses more than one type of sensor to detect a fire. Multi-sensor fire alarms may combine smoke, heat or carbon monoxide sensors.

Multi-sensor fire alarm flashing red. What does this mean?

If your fire alarm is flashing red it can mean a number of things so it is important to read the instruction manual of your specific fire alarm model. However, more than often when your multi-sensor fire alarm is flashing red, this can mean that it is in Hush mode. In Hush mode, a multi-sensor fire alarm will flash every 8 seconds (instead of every 48 seconds) to indicate that the sensitivity of it has been reduced to silence a false alarm. By pushing the reset button, you can end Hush mode.