Access Control Electromagnectic Locks

At YESSS Electrical, we stock maglocks, or electromagnetic locks, to help boost the levels of security at your building. A maglock uses low-voltage power to keep your doors secure; these devices consist of an electromagnet and an armature plate.

Many buildings invest in a maglock door for extra security and peace of mind. The maglock system features no moving parts, so they are regarded as more durable and reliable than other locking alternatives. 

Shop with YESSS Electrical today to find a suitable external maglock or maglock kit for your space.

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Flush Electromagnetic Lock

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What is a maglock?

A maglock is an electromagnetic device which consists of both an electromagnet and an armature plate. The electromagnet is designed to mount to the door frame and it gets wired back to a power supply. Meanwhile, the armature plate mounts to the door.

How do maglocks work?

The electromagnet becomes energised when powered and creates a magnetic flux which attracts the armature plate. This causes a locking action, which makes the entrance more secure.